Google shows trends

    The new Google Trends service shows the popularity history of any search query. Peaks on the chart are accompanied by comments in the form of news headlines. This is similar to the Google Zeitgeist, but only for any word.

    The history of the popularity of a particular search query is shown for several years, starting in January 2004. At the same time, you can choose for a more thorough study of any month during 2005 and 2006. In a way, Google Trends is similar to Google Keyword, a well-known keyword research tool . They also provide statistics on keywords and indicate their popularity, but there is no such detailed historical retrospective.

    Some peaks in the graph are accompanied by links to news headlines, which in many cases allows explaining the reason for such a sharp increase in the popularity of a particular search query.

    An interesting feature of Google Trends is statistics by region. It shows in which countries and cities this search query is the most popular. Very interesting facts are sometimes revealed. For example, it turns out that Indians and Italians are most interested in Russia , and residents of Pakistan, the UAE, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are most interested in Russian girls .

    The service allows you to compare two or more search phrases with each other. They are compared both in the total number of search queries and in the regions where they are popular.

    The only drawback of Google Trends is that it does not give specific numbers for the number of search queries. However, this service may be useful for market researchers and marketers. For example, they can study how the popularity of various products changes over time, and also compare competing brands.

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