Google shares first fell below $ 500

    Yesterday, the stock price of Google Inc. fell below the $ 500 mark. Such a sad event took place for the first time since August last year and was the result of a disappointing report on the results of Google’s activities for the IV quarter. 2007, as well as immediately after the news of the possible merger of the two main competitors of Google - Microsoft and Yahoo. After this news, the depreciation was about 12%. On Sunday, Google shares were excluded from the list of technology leaders Goldman Sachs Technology Favorite Growth.

    Following the trading session, the stock price of Google fell by $ 20.47, and the closing price was $ 495.43. This is the lowest figure in the last six months.

    In general, over the past 40 days, Google shares have fallen from $ 710 to $ 495. This is also due to the general crisis in the stock market.


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