Elephants are already here. Fast, reliable, powerful. PostgreSQL 8.3!

    More than 200 developers, more than 300 patches, 15 months of hard work of developers and testers ... And now - the latest version of the best DBMS in the world is ready for use in an industrial environment!

    On February 4, 2008, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group announced the long-awaited release of version 8.3 of the most developed open source DBMS, the release of which further strengthens the position of PostgreSQL as the most productive DBMS from open source systems. Among the innovations related to performance, it is worth highlighting:

    * HOT (Heap Only Tuples)
    * mechanism for automatic tuning of process parameters bgwriter
    * asynchronous commit transaction (Asynchronous Commit)
    * “Spread Checkpoints”
    * “Synchronous Scans”
    * Additional reduction of disk space (“Var-Varlena”)
    * Protection of the L2 cache
    * Decrease in the speed of the “ roll-up speed” of the

    PostgreSQL transaction counter (Lazy XID) 8.3 also contains many interesting and attractive new products that developers and database administrators will appreciate. Here are some of these innovations:

    * CSV logging
    * SQL / XML (!)
    * MS Visual C ++ support
    * ENUM types
    * built-in Tsearch (!)
    * arrays of composite types
    * pg_standby

    This list is very short, this release contains many, many new things. Look at the list of innovations and the matrix of opportunities , look through the release description , read the article in Russian . And be sure to download and try!

    The text of the official press release in Russian: www.postgresql.org/about/press/presskit83.html.ru
    Article about the latest 8.3 in Russian: postgresmen.ru/articles/view/78
    Commercial support 24/7, consultations in Russian language: postgresmen.ru

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