Amazon launches Uber counterpart for package delivery

    Today Amazon launched the new Amazon Flex delivery service. The company offered part-time drivers. Their task is to deliver packages. The first city in which the service was launched was Seattle. Next, Amazon Flex will be launched in Manhattan, Chicago and seven other US cities.

    According to Guardian, the creators of the service were inspired by the success of Uber and other similar startups. Drivers will receive between $ 18 and $ 25 per hour for delivering packages ordered from Amazon Prime Now. Amazon Prime Now must ship within an hour. In the future, the company plans to hire carriers for delivery from other Amazon stores. Each car owner can choose a two-, five- or eight-hour shift.

    The company has some requirements for drivers. The driver must have his own car and smartphone based on Android OS. In addition, Amazon checks the biography of each potential employee. The new delivery service will give people extra income. Car owners will be able to work in the "director for themselves" mode, choosing the duration of the shift and the number of parcels.

    The company plans to launch a service in Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Portland. But Amazon does not set specific dates.

    The company, apparently, is not embarrassed by the conflicting reputation of such services. Uber, for example, still has big problems with the law due to the fact that drivers are not full-time employees of the company and work without a license. The failure of the taxi service to change the scheme of interaction with private drivers has led to litigation around the world.

    However, the sharing economy is gaining momentum. And Amazon is now actively involved in this process. But the laws of countries and other market participants are not yet ready for such changes.

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