Mana WoW Energy Drink

    Who would have thought? The Network has the opportunity to buy Mana Energy Potion - an energy drink that will appeal to fans of the game World of Warcraft. The guys who came up with this thing are counting on some success in selling the drink. After all, there are many millions playing Blizzard's online RPGs.
    On a specially created site, everyone (so far only every resident of the United States) can order a pack of two stylized bubbles with a green liquid of uniquely high content of tonic substances. No wonder, one sip of 40 ml from Mana Energy Potion (yes, they are so small) in terms of caffeine content is equal to two cans of Red Bull energy drink. That sellers and, in some way, confirm, stating that one bubble is enough for 6-8 hours of continuous "charge".

    I understand that WoW has taken over the minds (and time) of millions. I understand that many amusing things connected in style with their favorite game are very impressive to many. And I understand that people trying to make money on this energy drink (and one jar costs $ 3.45 without delivery) are not going to sell it to children under 12 years old. But, dear American fans of World of Warcraft, think before you pour in a couple of bubbles. And even more so do it often. Although put on a shelf and show guests as a fun souvenir - why not.

    via Gizmodo

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