NoScript is now also for Android

    UPD: NoScript is an add-on that allows scripts to run resources only from a manually supplemented white list. More details here.
    Recently, I’m very tired of the abundance of advertising in Android browsers: the User-agent betrays me, and I become a target for “battery enhancers”, “antiviruses-my-phone-comes-end”, news exchange services of the kind “Scientists have discovered a terrible the secret: eating cucumbers leads to ... "and banal banners in full screen with a giant inscription" Play with me! "
    Unfortunately, developers of mobile browsers most often do not take a step to combat mobile advertising: who will chop the branch on which they are sitting? I think many people remember the removal of AdBlock and the like from Google Play. By the way, neither AdBlock nor AdFree with the root solved my problems with advertising in Google Chrome for Android: I courageously endured the abomination on the pages until today.
    I knew that Firefox for Android supports some extensions (NoScript among them is on for Android), set it, looked, but for the sake of AdBlock alone I didn’t want to switch: on the desktop, I always work with a white list of script hosting ( ScriptSafe and earlier, NotScripts for Chrome and NoScript for Firefox). But today I decided to thoroughly google it and came across this page: . This is really the same NoScript with the same functionality as on the desktop. No more "extend your battery by 5 cm"!

    The add-on for mobile Firefox is available at this link (again, among the official add-ons of Firefox it is not yet available).

    The only inconvenience (small for me) is that I need to switch from Chrome to Firefox on the desktop for the sake of synchronizing history and passwords.
    A bow from me to the NoScript team - I'm pleasantly surprised.
    PS I really want to see Web Of Trust, at least for mobile Firefox.

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