The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal # 6


    The most interesting and useful from the world of Drupal over the past 3 weeks.

    In Russian

    1. Novel Grachiov told about the organization of the dynamic logic processing incoming URL (example , where x / y / z combinations do not lie on hook_menu).
    2. From it there are several links on Drupal 8 . If not enough, scroll down, we have a dozen more fresh ones :)
    3. @StingMU wrote on habr about fast installation of Drupal . Of course, not without Drush.
    4. @Xandeadx has a series of notes on ajaxification of Drupal Commerce.
    5. How to make a drop-down list of links “like in Views” read on Alexander Shchedrov’s blog.


    1. If you are new to working in the console, and the words “vi”, “mv”, “terminal” mean little to you, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the series of video tutorials The command line for beginners .
    2. If you don’t know how to fasten Composer packages to Drupal sideways , then after reading the Drupal publication , Symfony And Friends there should be less questions.
    3. The material Top Drupal Modules For Views lists some of the most popular modules, plugins to the Views .
    4. Many people don’t like the standard Drupal 7 admin interface. For a great set of tips for improving the UX admin interface for your site, see Drupal Camp London 2015: Improving the CMS user experience .
    5. In the article Drupal 101: Basic site optimisations, the author at a fairly simple level shares his recommendations on supporting Drupal sites in terms of performance, using the latest versions of modules and logging.

    Everything for a Drupal Developer

    1. Drupal Groups sometimes becomes literally a storehouse of interesting thought-provoking information. In this regard, the discussion in the topic DOM hacks for speeding up page download times , devoted to frontend optimization, became extremely interesting .
    2. Publishing Memory profiling in hooks is a great start for anyone who wants to understand why this particular Drupal site eats so much memory or slows down.
    3. Imagine that you need to select all the nodes through the code for which no Taxonomy term is selected as a category. By default , relying solely on EntityFieldQuery cannot be done. The article EntityFieldQuery, LEFT JOINs and IS NULL conditions represented a stunning overview of tricks that will help you achieve the goal.
    4. A fairly concise solution for switching display views, for example, from a grid to a list, is proposed in the article Simple Views display switch .
    5. It is entirely possible to agree with the authors of article 20 of the Usability Tips For E-Commerce Websites about the fact that a very large percentage of sites on Drupal today are electronic commerce, and their number is constantly growing. This article discusses the issues of increasing the usability of such sites; which almost automatically leads to an increase in their conversion .
    6. If you use Nginx to render statics or reverse-proxies, or just think about performance optimization issues when submitting the same pictures, you might be interested in the article G-WAN as a static Drupal file server , which presents a comparison of different approaches.
    7. The material of the Google Pagespeed Module and Drupal presents a small excursion into the Google PageSpeed module , which integrates with web servers, and processes all HTML, CSS, Javascript and not only before issuing it.
    8. Drupal 8 launched on a cluster of Raspberry Pi .
    9. If you use some kind of profile or distribution to work on your sites, then it is likely that it comes with some features that may constitute an arbitrary exported configuration, for example, content types. Sometimes there is a need to “clarify” basic features, for example, to remove or add a new field from (to) some type of content, and, like, rewriting plug-ins and features-with-profiles-and-distributions is not the most encouraged Drupal practice (Drupal way). There are several approaches to solving the problem. For example, you may find the Features Override module useful., which allows you to modify (alter) an arbitrary basic configuration. (author: there is not the most pleasant experience of using this approach - through features override, especially when the basic feature can be actively updated by developers, however, it may be useful for your project module). A wonderful article on How To Override Features has recently appeared on this topic , where the author compares many approaches.
    10. Some interesting uses for Varnish are presented in the Varnish Tips and Tricks article .
    11. Quite often, the topic of careful study of roles and access rights is not worked out as carefully as we would like. Try to introduce some system in this topic in the video Preventing Drupal Headaches: Permissions and Roles Checklist .
    12. If you plan to use Backdrop CMS in your practice , then check out the series of articles How to Maintain Contrib Modules for Drupal and Backdrop at the Same Time - Part 3 , the last article of which is devoted to pulling fixes of your ported module from
    13. Most recently, the first DrupalCon in Latin America (Bogotá, Colombia) ended . As often happens, shortly after the eminent event, various reviews appear where visitors to the conference share their impressions. We advise you to familiarize yourself with some of them:

    Drupal 8

    1. The seventh beta of Drupal 8 has been released . At the time of publication, there are about 49 critical issues left until the first release candidate.
    2. In the Backdrop Does a Disservice to Developers article, the author continues a long-standing holivar on whether Backdrop CMS benefits or not. As a main argument, there is a risk that “lazy to retrain” developers have an additional incentive to never switch to 8 at all; on the other hand, it is noted that in the labor market, working with Drupal 8 (Symfony) may be more in demand. .
    3. The Responding to Events in Drupal 8 article discusses how to properly respond to events in Drupal 8 using the Symfony Event Dispatcher .
    4. The article Using REST Export With Views In Drupal 8 shows how easy it is now to export Drupal 8 Views data in JSON format.
    5. Another story of the migration of your site to Drupal 8 from the studio Cheppers.
    6. The Install Drush 7 for Drupal 8 without throwing away Drush 6 article shows how to make sure you can work simultaneously with two versions of Drush: sixth and seventh.
    7. Material Demo of a Free Drupal 8 Theme created with LibSass & Gulp is dedicated to creating a custom theme for Drupal 8 using newfangled frontendnyh technologies such as Gulp , Sass and other Browsersync'ov .
    8. The great article A Content Staging Solution for Drupal 8 (and more) covers in some detail the topic of content replication between different Drupal 8 environments.
    9. The Cache API in Drupal 8 has a number of features compared to the seven. Exploring the Cache API in Drupal 8 describes this topic .
    10. In a short essay, Drupal 8 + Twig: More Secure, More Power talks about the benefits of SensioLabs' Twig Template Engine.

    Business and Community

    1. It is no secret that many organizations and studios involved in developing websites on Drupal quite often conduct audits of solutions of other developers (read, competitors). One of these studios recently published a prospectus on this subject. There is also interesting material on the website of this studio. How do you rate Maintainability? dedicated to such an important attribute of software quality as “serviceability”.
    2. Soon (March 9th), voting will begin on the post of director of communication with the Drupal Association community. Candidates have offered more than twenty candidates .

    Interesting modules

    1. The Asynchronous Prefetch Database Query Cache module , using MySQL native driver for PHP , optimizes Drupal's work with the MySQL database, in particular, prefetching caches, fixes a problem with deadlocks in cache tables, changes the engine to MEMORY for the semaphore table, and much more .
    2. Another attempt to implement a complete site preview system is waiting for us in the Preview Sync module . The authors approached the solution to the problem in a very original way: Preview Sync simply clones the current database into a remote environment, and there it performs all the necessary operations for previews, for example, switching the status of Workbench Moderation , and all this with Drush.
    3. One of the normal practices in auditing a site on Drupal is to check if someone has managed to get into the source code or the kernel of the system and make their own changes there. Hacked module ! allows you to automate this process. (QA: ).
    4. If you need a field that stores the numbers “From” and “To”, that is, a range, then use the Range module . There is also a video tutorial dedicated to this module.
    5. Almost all Drupal developers sooner or later have to crop a large image when pasting, for example, when we are interested in some 200 by 200 pixel rectangle somewhere near the center of the 2000 by 2000 photo. The problem is that the standard Drupal tools (image styles) do not allow you to specify your preferred area. The Focal Point module helps with solving this problem. There is also a wonderful article on working with the module .

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