“So the Titanic is gone.” - began Semyon. - Drowned in a dark abyss. I, as the owner, cannot just come to terms with it.

    - It is understandable! - exclaimed Peter.

    - I ask you not to interrupt. - strictly said Semyon. - I’ve already talked with you, Peter, you expressed your version. Gennady, I also spoke with you.

    “I already told you everything.” - Gene uncertainly entered. “What else do you want from me?”

    - Your versions do not agree. - shrugged Semen. - Gennady blames Peter and his closest assistants. What did you say there? Top?

    - Yes, the top. The fish rots from the head. - nodded Gena.

    - What the fuck is the fish? - Peter was indignant.

    - So, stop! - slammed the table palm Semyon. - Quiet! I ask questions here! This property has sunk into oblivion! And I’ll figure out who is to blame! I give you a confrontation!

    “Isn't that obvious?” - Took courage Gene. - No matter what happens down there, the one who is up is always to blame.

    - In general, yes. - Semyon nodded, calming a little. “Of course, it would be more convenient for me to simply blame Peter, our captain, for everything.” But I, besides the Titanic, still have someone to plow the expanses of the oceans, red and blue, and my first, most important goal is to understand the true reasons in order to prevent such a development of events.

    - That's right! - supported Peter. - Be that as it may, you will not return the lost, and it remains for us ...

    - To us? - understood the eyebrows Simon. - And here you are, in general?

    “Well then ...” Peter fussed. - But unless ...

    - Not "unless," dear. - Semyon frowned. - The question of why you will now stand at the helm is still far from being resolved. So sit and keep quiet until I ask you a question.

    “Sorry, of course, but if ...” Peter leaned forward.

    “No ifs.” - firmly answered Semyon. - Our city is small, port. I know all the owners personally. If you decide to go to someone else, I will provide you with such a reputation that you will sweep the pier. It is clear?

    - I see. - smiled Peter. - As you wish, Semyon Arkadevich.

    - This concerns you, Gennady. - Semyon pretended not to notice the irony. - Clear?

    - Clear. - shrugged Gene, who had time to calm down a bit. - Only I do not care.

    - What?

    - I will go to another industry. - Gene smiled. - At the shipyard. My friend there works as a boss, promised to take me to him.

    - And what will you do there, let me ask? - smiled back Semyon.

    - Equipment, as here. - shrugged Gene. “What's the difference?” That on the Titanic, that at the factory - everywhere equipment, wires, electricity. I do not care.

    - Speaking of equipment. - Semyon began to rake pieces of paper lying on the table. - So, where is it ... And here! Your report of equipment problems. So?

    - So. - Gene answered, looking at the papers. “I made it up when I discovered the problems.” It was necessary to buy ...

    - Stop. - Semyon raised his palm and turned to Peter. - Peter, have you seen this paper?

    - No, for the first time I see. - Peter shook his head furiously. - Gene, what is it?

    - Well, there were problems with electricity. - Gena answered uncertainly. “I did everything I could, but I needed a stabilizer.”

    “Why do I only find out about this now ?!” Cried Peter. “What, you creature, withheld equipment problems from me?”

    - I ... I ... - Gene began to stutter.

    - What am I? - shouted Peter. - The head of the buoy!

    - So quiet. - strictly said Semyon. “Gene, why didn’t the paper reach the captain?”

    - I ...

    - You bitch! - shouted Peter and turned away, unable to restrain his emotions.

    - Quiet, I said! - Semen raised his voice. - Gene, answer.

    - There has never been a reaction to these pieces of paper. Muttered Gene quietly. - I have been working on the Titanic for a long time, and I know ...

    “What do you know there, nits?” - Peter turned back. - Your business is small! Found a problem - fix it! You can’t - call the one who can! Something needs to be bought - you turn to me!

    “What good is it from you ...” muttered Gena.

    - What ?!

    - Go to the ass, got it already! - unexpectedly for all cried out Gene. - Sitting there, upstairs, you don’t know a damn and don’t want to know! How many of these pieces of paper did I write to you? A? What are you doing with them? Wiping your ass?

    - Bitch, yes I am you ... - Peter jumped away.

    - What are you telling me? - Gene also jumped up. - Come on, come here ...

    Peter suddenly froze on the spot - apparently, appreciated the build of Gennady, who was one and a half times more, in every sense.

    - Well then, pissed? - shouted Gene.

    - Both sat down. - Semen said sternly, saving the situation and Peter. - Peter, is that true? About pieces of paper.

    - Of course not. - answered in a conciliatory tone. “It seems to you from below, that I’m using your pieces of paper ... Well ... I am using it for other purposes. But this is not so. Just you understand, Gene ...

    - What should I understand? - Gena’s aggression has not yet died out, but he sat down in place.

    “There are many of you, I am alone, that’s what I understand.” - continued Peter. - I try ... That is, I tried to respond to all the problems and ideas that the team means, but ... I'm tired, Gene. Well, you, of course, well done, you usually speak, and the rest?

    - And where does the rest? - Gene frowned.

    - Moreover, you are not the only one with pieces of paper. Do you understand? To be honest, I got a little stuck on them. Sometimes, after all, they will write such nonsense, at least stand, at least fall. And everyone needs to answer something, take some measures, at least make an appearance, pat him on the shoulder. Do you know how people react to a pat on the shoulder?

    - How?

    - Begin to generate these pieces of paper at a crazy speed. - Peter complained. - There are so many of them that I have no time to steer. So I ... Well, I stopped giving them so much attention.

    “Yeah, they didn’t know about the leak ...” Gena smiled.

    - Leaking? Which leak? - entered Semyon.

    - Yes, Serega saw a stream, a long time ago. - shrugged Gene. - I told him - go report back, moron.

    - And what is he? - Semyon frowned.

    - Nothing. - Gene answered frivolously. - What's the point? If you won, he stopped paying so much attention to them ...

    - But it's a leak! - Semyon was indignant.

    - Yes, she was small ... - Gene was embarrassed. - The Titanic did not go to the bottom because of this leak, that's for sure.

    “Wait ...” Semyon shook his index finger. - A lot of such information? Well, about leaks or something like that.

    - Dohrena. - nodded Gena. “Only no one really brings her up.”

    - Why?

    - What's the point? - shrugged Gene. - If something serious, we fix it ourselves, well, or if there is a serious threat - we ourselves do not want to remain without work - then we report. And if, let’s say, we see, well ... Not a very serious problem, or we know there how best to do it, then in general ...

    - What in general? - frowned Simon.

    - Nothing. - answered Gena. - There is no time for the tops. You come to them as if you were asking for something ... Dumb. Well, why the fuck do we need it?

    “What's wrong with you, huh?” - indignantly threw up his hands Peter. “I haven’t read one shredded piece of paper, is that all?” Got hurt like a muslin lady? Sitting, shedding tears? Are you a man, damn it, or who?

    - Watch yourself. - Gene answered with a serious look. - I told you, no one will run to you again. Think about why.

    - Well, tell me. - Peter portrayed a willingness to listen.

    - What do you know ... Unbeknownst to you. - Gene answered calmly. - Treat people like cattle. He sat down on his top, afraid to get dirty, wanted to shit on the team. I know ...

    “What do you know there, huh?” - Peter was indignant. - Where does this opinion come from? Who did I want to shit for, huh? Well? Have you ever seen me yelling at someone? Or humiliated a team member?

    - Yes, all of you, directors, are the same. - waved his hand Gene.

    - Listen, you are like a child. - said Peter viciously. - All directors are the same, all the women ... Well, then you know. You stand up yourself, try to manage a company such as Titanic Plus LLC! A? Do you think that since you are a system administrator, are you smarter than everyone? And is there nothing in the world more complicated than your servers and equipment?

    - Well, I’m talking. - Gene smiled. “I'm the boss, you're a fool.” On the contrary, that is.

    - Yes, where does it! - Peter threw up his hands. - Each work is important and necessary! Both yours and mine! The only difference is that I have to solve all the issues! Do you understand? All! And not only yours, or Seregin’s, or else whose ones there ... But I can’t do this job if I don’t know about the problems on the ground!

    - Well, it is visible. - Gena nodded with a smile.

    - Listen, Gennady. - entered Semyon. - Peter is in many ways right. You, of course, well done, you hold on confidently, and in general you are an imposing guy, most likely you are popular with girls.

    - It is what it is. - Gene answered with an idiotic smile.

    - Only this is not enough. - Semen answered sternly. “You are responsible for the entrusted plot.” Just like the rest of the team. Each stands in its place. Everyone is important and necessary. But this does not mean that information must be kept within itself.

    “Yes, I said the same ...” Gena began.

    “I heard what you said.” Interrupted Semyon. “And it's just babbling.” All directors are bad, you are alone down there, good. And therefore, we will not say anything to anyone, otherwise they will send us to hell. You know, I was not born the owner of a group of companies, I also started from the bottom. Do you know how I became a director?

    - Not. - Gena answered uncertainly.

    - Once pulled his head out of the ass. - continued Semyon. - Or tongue out of assholes. And he began to speak. About problems, about development, I began to propose ideas. At the same time he pulled his hands out of his pockets, and began to work - to realize his ideas. It didn’t ache that the boss didn’t hear me, or he would send me, or he would force me to do everything.

    “Your position is comfortable.” - continued Semyon. - Now here, at the confrontation, you are well done. You all know about all the problems in the know, but what's the point? Where have you been before?

    - I ...

    - Yes, garbage is everything, you listen to yourself. - harshly answered Semyon. “You sit here, sculpting patterns here for me, like a politician on TV.” They don’t listen to you, they don’t understand you. But you are in chocolate - and you have ideas, and your hands are not out of your ass. You sit like that mountain that does not want to go to Mohammed. They will ask you - tell me where are the problems. They will not ask - you will not say.

    “Well, no ...” Gene began.

    - Yes, Gene. - Semyon interrupted again, more and more inflamed. - Who do you think you are, in general?

    “I never imagined myself ...” muttered Gena.

    - No not like this. - suddenly smiled Semyon. “You imagine yourself nobody.” And you live in no way. And all your life you will be nothing and nothing. Because you're an infantile fool, sorry. You still think the world revolves around you.

    “No, I don’t think so, I ...” Gene again tried to insert at least a word.

    - Yes, I know. - Semyon waved his hand. - It was like that. Eternal resentment to the whole world. Feeling guilty before oneself. And with a feeling of guilt, oh, how uncomfortable it is to live, and here you are hiding behind the irony - like, I’m such a specialist, such a specialist. The director himself should bow to my legs so that I can at least say something to him, or, God forbid, tell my Idea (Semyon raised his index finger above his head with this word)!

    - What are you doing! - Gene could not stand it. - I'm not like that! I want the company to grow, just like you!

    “Why don't you do anything then?” - smiled Semyon. “You just sit there and scratch your FSW, how smart you are, and the rest are shit on a stick.” You go to work only to stand aside and neigh. Just as you look at your whole life from the side, at the country, at the city, at your yard. You look and think, or even sometimes burst, somewhere on the Internet, how all these morons got you. Everyone is to blame, you are the only D'Artagnan.

    “Well, Semyon Arkadevich ...” Peter entered. - Gena, in general, is a good admin. When you say it, everything is done on time and efficiently.

    “That's right, when you say it.” - nodded Semyon. - All of these. When you say it, they’ll do it. When you do not say - they will not. But what do you say, director, if you have no idea where the problems are?

    - Well, I hold regular meetings, asking people about problems. - shrugged Peter.

    “Well, do they tell you a lot of problems?” - smiled Semyon.

    - No, not really. - answered Peter. - So, the little things. Usually they say "there are no problems, we decide everything in the working order."

    - And you do not mind the need to hold these meetings? Asked Semyon.

    - In terms of? - did not understand Peter. - And how without meetings?

    - How much time do you spend on meetings? - Semen leaned forward.

    - Well ... In different ways ... It happens, all day.

    “Do you do all day to get information about problems?” - smiled Semyon.

    “Well, yes ... No, not necessarily.” - hesitated Peter. - Sometimes we discuss development ideas there, projects ...

    - What does it look like? “Well, tell me your ideas on the development of the company”?

    - Something like that. - Peter nodded. - Not all the same, constantly in the context of development, one must immerse in order to ...

    - Who should immerse, Petya? - laughed Semyon. - It is necessary to immerse you! They are always boiled in these problems, and everyone knows about them! They have a lot of ideas on how to do better, more optimally, faster! But they don’t tell you about it! You have to pull this information out of them with ticks.

    - Why? - frowned Peter.

    “Why the hell knows why.” - Semyon suddenly became serious. - So, if you answer in a simple way, everyone has a head in the ass. Or the head and ass are mixed up in places, forgive me for my French.

    - In terms of? - Peter was perplexed.

    - Yes, in direct. Inversion of life values, or rather workers. - continued Semyon. - Gena, how do you feel about the tasks?

    - Well ... I’m doing it. - answered Gena.

    - No, I'm not talking about that. Not what do you do with them, but how do you feel about them.

    - Am I? - Gene did not understand the question. - Well, how ... It is necessary, then it is necessary.

    - Here! - smiled Semyon. - For you, the task is hemorrhoids. This is problem. You have to bother with her, think, move. It is much better to be in a state of homeostasis when nothing happens, the energy is saved and you can live on. Calm, confident, like in a swamp. And you need to run away from tasks, and away.

    - Therefore, Petya, your meetings are so boring. - continued Semyon. - People are afraid of tasks. How to avoid tasks? Keep quiet in a rag! Answer that everything is fine in your department! I don’t complain about any of my colleagues, otherwise I’ll respond as soon as she comes around - you’ll be depressed, they’ll complain about you, and the waterfall of tasks begins.

    - I understood. - Peter nodded. - You probably have an answer, what to do?

    “There is an answer, but there is no point ...” Semyon spread his hands. - Truth, an axiom, you can’t imagine any easier. Any task is an opportunity. This is a train that passes by the provincial station on which you are stuck. If you take a train, you will reach the next station. Or to the end where you wanted there. If you don’t sit down, you will remain in your outback, with smelly pasties and a dirty apron. What are you doing with these trains?

    - What? - asked Peter with interest.

    - Nothing, as a rule. - shrugged Semen. - As the train saw - run away and hide. And if the driver nevertheless notices you, or the head of the station pushes the train into the train, you immediately squeak, complain about your fate, sit down somewhere in the vestibule to get a closer look at the exit, and at the first station you dump it. To be in the next outback.

    “I understood the metaphor.” - Peter nodded.

    “But what's the point ...” Semyon waved his hand. - Everyone understands, they do units. You, Gena, by the way, what do you think?

    “I think, Semyon Arkadyevich, it’s in vain that you rarely visit us.” - Gene answered with a pleasant smile.

    - Yes, right now there’s nowhere to be. - laughed Semyon. - prosrany Titanic, mediocrity.
    Peter and Gena smiled nervously in response.

    - Okay. - still smiling, continued Semyon. - In the end, sorted out. Everyone is to blame, no one is to blame. May I be to blame, to hell with him. We assume that even though I am standing at a beautiful train station in the VIP zone, a gorgeous, high-speed, breathtaking train drove up to me. And you know what?

    - What? Asked Peter uncertainly.

    - I'll sit in it! - Semyon said loudly. - And I'll get to the final one! Are you with me

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