New version of Vivaldi Technical Preview 2


    A little over a month ago, we released the first preliminary test version of the Vivaldi TP1 browser. Since that day, the browser has been downloaded by you more than 700 thousand times, and we have done a lot of work: in addition to fixing many errors and shortcomings, we, following your wishes, have added several new functions, thereby expanding both the capabilities of the browser itself and the comfort of working with him. Today we are ready to show a new test assembly - Vivaldi TP2.


    It should be said that throughout this time we also released weekly builds, so those of you who constantly monitor browser updates are aware of the changes that have occurred to date. The rest will be interested to know the details, we will talk about them now.

    Bookmarks Bar


    In general, this function is well known to browser users, and in our case it is also in the very early stages of development, but something interesting can already be shown. In particular, following the basic principle adopted by the company (and it is to provide maximum opportunities for users of our products, allowing a person to manage the program, and not vice versa), we added the ability to change the placement of the panel at the user's discretion - in the upper or lower parts of the browser window. At the moment, the panel can arrange the contents of any folder from the bookmark list, but in the future the possibilities of working with the bookmark panel will expand significantly.

    Image display control

    imageOnce many years ago, this function made a splash among users, especially those working on the Internet through slow (often even modem today’s exotic) connections. The time was different, and the browser was different. However, something remains unchanged: no matter how “thick” the connection channel to the global network is, there will always come a moment when it is not enough for comfortable work. Not to mention public access points, which by definition cannot provide normal conditions for network work.

    In other words, the ability to turn off the display of images in whole or in part (leaving the browser the ability to load only the images stored in the cache) is still a very fashionable “chip” of the browser. In this case, the Vivaldi browser, in which we try to return to users all their usual features.

    Extended support for interface languages

    imageSince the Babylonian crowds, people have suffered from an abundance of languages ​​on the planet. Well, somehow you have to correct this evil joke of the ancient gods. Naturally, we ourselves could not have done it - the Vivaldi browser development team is fluent in just a few languages ​​(just don’t think about programming languages ​​- here we are incomparably better), but this is clearly not enough, because according to download statistics, users from all over come to us of the world - more than 200 countries!

    Here, the users themselves provided invaluable help, for which many thanks to them. Today, the number of voluntary assistants in the Vivaldi Translation Team translating the browser interface into their native languages ​​is more than 90 people. Thanks to their efforts, today the Vivaldi browser can “speak” 35 languages, including even such exotic ones as Ido . It is also worth noting that the number of available languages ​​includes those that are not supported in other browsers. This, for example, Belarusian, Galician, Armenian, Macedonian, Icelandic - in total, while we offer 8 languages, available only in Vivaldi.

    And this work continues: both the team of translators and the number of available languages ​​are growing. We want Vivaldi to “speak” both Uzbek, Kazakh and many other languages ​​- there are several hundred of them in the world! We hope that with your help, we can easily reach the number of 100 supported languages. Well, let's say, for starters :)

    Forward-Backward, and what else?

    imageAnd also - again, the functions Return and Transition have long been known to a certain circle of users . For those who have forgotten their purpose, I recall. The return button allows you to return to the page of the site from which you started the journey through it. Thus, you no longer have to wade through the entire history of previously opened pages - just one click with the mouse.

    The transition button works a little more complicated, but no less interesting. When you click it, the browser tries to determine what the next page could be, which you most likely would go to after viewing the current one, and automatically transfers you to it. I must say right away that this does not work on all sites, because we have not yet taught our browser to read your mind, but where it works it does it well. For example, this button will take you to the next page of search results or forum discussions. It is also convenient to use it when viewing massive photo albums. In general - try it, you will surely like it.

    In fact, much more was added, I just talked about several popular functions that, as they say, are in plain sight. So, for example, recently, as an experiment, we added spatial navigation (moving through links on a page using Shift + Arrows). So far, to be honest, she works in the “Ivan Susanin” mode, and one computer god knows where she will lead you the next time the arrow is pressed, but we are working on it.

    Another experiment was the 64-bit version for Windows - here, too, many undesirable surprises await users (and even if it starts up), but you, as they say, asked - we do. By the way, for Windows and Linux we now offer both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the browser. And every day, day after day, we corrected the mistakes and shortcomings found by you and us. Want to check out? Welcome under the spoiler.

    Look into the abyss
    1. VB-3362 Add Bookmark dialog positioning
    2. VB-3734 Images opened in a tab are not shown completely at full size
    3. VB-3172 Dual Vivaldi icons in the taskbar when using standalone install
    4. VB-3789 “Add Bookmark” dialog functionality
    5. VB-3775 Update pre-shipped bookmark thumbnails
    6. VB-3658 Find in page highlighting not cleared when search bar gets closed
    7. VB-2822 PPAPI Flash version not recognized
    8. VB-2716 Cannot open task manager from BTS
    9. VB-1919 Search engine toggle needs work
    10. VB-3857 Turning full screen mode for video takes awful long time 5+ sec
    11. VB-3841 Strange “0” came back on settings window
    12. VB-3751 Use SHIFT + Arrows for spatial navigation
    13. VB-3103 When dragging a tab, if the mouse cursor moves out of the address bar, the tab gets stuck.
    14. VB-2785 Hide navigation bar, integrate address bar in quick commands. [USER OPTION]
    15. VB-2624 Bookmark indicator animates on tab switch
    16. VB-2574 Added some privacy settings
    17. VB-2518 cmd + w closes window instead of current tab
    18. VB-1539 Ctrl + Enter should implement www. address complete feature
    19. VB-3908 Trashed Tabs don't Remember Position
    20. VB-3872 Add button in the speed dial is clickable
    21. VB-3788 Installer doesn't respect given destination folder
    22. VB-3750 Trying to open settings doesn't focus existing settings window
    23. VB-3459 Can't write in form
    24. VB-1960 Activate “Add to Speed ​​dial button” when there is a valid URL
    25. VB-459 Implement pinned tabs
    26. VB-3966 Fallback to system tooltips in tabs
    27. VB-3893 Double clicking note should open associated URL
    28. VB-3868 Add “Card Style” design to Add Bookmark dialog & Bookmark manager
    29. VB-3858 Some strings are shown untranslated
    30. VB-2712 Password-callout makes crash after login into disqus comment system
    31. VB-1861 Active download indicator in the panel
    32. VB-1453 Place panel toggle in the status field?
    33. VB-3638 -wasd spatial navigation steals cursor from
    34. VB-3614 - Zooming in / out in fullscreen doesn't work correctly
    35. VB-3610 -Zooming on a flicker image lags / slows the pc
    36. VB-3590 -Add context menu to top level items in bookmark bar
    37. VB-3585 -regression: Ctrl + Z reopen closed tab even if focus in textfield
    38. VB-3565 - Issue Report: Middle-click on item in bookmarks bar
    39. VB-3548 -In some cases focus could be lost in url field
    40. VB-3543 -Add setting to hide / show favicons on bookmarks bar
    41. VB-3531 -Focus reset in urlfield
    42. VB-3527 -Bookmarkbar menu and settings option not in sync
    43. VB-3524 -Bookmarksbar is stuck in fullscreen mode
    44. VB-3503 -Drag and drop in bookmarks bar
    45. VB-3433 -Ability to create new tab by middle mouse button
    46. VB-3333 - [Confirmed] Tab bar visible in fullscreen mode
    47. VB-2924 -No support for plural in i18n
    48. VB-2366 -localhost (without http) server url not working in urlfield
    49. VB-2018 - Rewind button not available
    50. VB-3722-Regression: Focus lost when background page finish loading
    51. VB-3702-Issue Report: “0” character appearing in settings panel
    52. VB-3686-Bookmarks bar hides address bar
    53. VB-3663 -Opening folder-child bookmarks in bookmarks bar does not work
    54. VB-3659 -Move default homepage over to use https
    55. VB-3657 -Add class .is-mail to vivaldi: // mail page
    56. VB-3644 -Camera access dialog appears underneath bookmarks bar
    57. VB-3642 -Opening links from bookmark bar folders does not work
    58. VB-3605 -Place bookmark icons under a chevron icon for items that do not fit on bookmark bar
    59. VB-3575-Issue Report: The Trash Can icon overlaps the Minimize button when there are many tabs opened
    60. VB-2778 -Add support for Belarusian (be), Galician (gl), Armenian (hy), Icelandic (is) and Macedonian (mk) locales.
    61. VB-2772 -Bookmarks bar
    62. VB-2658 -Change the bookmarks to and from HTTP to HTTPS
    63. VB-2368 -Many settings window opens
    64. VB-2273 -Webcontent context menu has an offset on Mac.
    65. VB-2166 -Update thumbnail button does nothing
    66. VB-2151 -Keyboard shortcut mixed up
    67. VB-2030 -translations: Add context to disambiguate meaning
    68. VB-1959 -View page info does nothing
    69. VB-1911 -Bookmarks window missing thumbnail
    70. VB-1883 -Page actions not injected into iframe
    71. VB-1479 -Empty / Black thumbnails on startup
    72. VB-639 -Spatial navigation is missing
    73. VB-3499 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'btoa' of undefined
    74. VB-3485 Regression: Vivaldi: // memory-redirect searches instead of showing page
    75. VB-3465 Middleclicking in bookmarks does nothing
    76. VB-3433 Ability to create new tab by middle mouse button (only works on mac and linux)
    77. VB-3163 Issue Report: Wrong Ctrl + Tab behavior in 'Recently used' order
    78. VB-2809 Fast forward doesn't recognize some links
    79. VB-2636 All tabs opened in background not accessibles with CTRL (+ SHIFT) + TAB
    80. VB-2332 Tab history wrong
    81. VB-1662 Handle Middle Click on Speed ​​Dial
    82. VB-635 Canging tab cycle order in settings is not respected until browser restart
    83. VB-3367 Regression: Focus not set to URL field when opening new tab
    84. VB-3263 32-bit version for Linux
    85. VB-3216 Cannot close browser by top right X
    86. VB-3193 Center images
    87. VB-1591 Spatial navigation keyboard shortcuts
    88. VB-3326 search keywords don't work
    89. VB-2880 chrome-ext url completed in urlfield
    90. VB-2782 protocol is not copied if I copy the URL from the address bar
    91. VB-2015 search adds space before search term
    92. VB-641 Shortcuts for restoring last closed tab
    93. VB-3334 Fullscreen message stays forever
    94. VB-3277 Add link to plugins page. Both menu's & quick command
    95. VB-3252 Regression: Delete bookmark broken
    96. VB-3208 Rename rpm & deb packages, stable-> preview & unstable-> snapshot
    97. VB-3162 Delete bookmark item in context menu not working on BM / Panel
    98. VB-3153 extension selftests failing after fix for VB-2632
    99. VB-3078 Issue Report: Tab preview thumbnails stretched
    100. VB-2929 Show / hide address bar
    101. VB-2884 Option to place address bar on bottom
    102. VB-2767 Cookies not shared between tabs in all cases
    103. VB-2644 Keyboard: Flash: Manic Miner does not work
    104. VB-2641 Downloads panel toggles state with each new transfer
    105. VB-2439 Thumbnails fail when adding speed dials
    106. VB-2370 missing category for search engines
    107. VB-2178 Regression: Thumbnails missing at startup
    108. VB-2174 Cannot reload 2nd thumbnail
    109. VB-2090 Downloads panel should show filename (Windows)
    110. VB-2033 Clicking on area above + button (New tab) minimize the Window
    111. VB-1678 Missing default bookmark thumbnail
    112. VB-1677 Unable to delete bookmark using keyboard
    113. VB-1455 Broken web pages lack thumbnail and favicon
    114. VB-1231 1 Display open tabs in the Window submenu
    115. VB-3167 Black tab color looks bad on some sites
    116. VB-3147 Fix our UA string
    117. VB-3125 Issue Report: Using backspace in text inputs initiates "back" in certain websites.
    118. VB-3096 Removed Panel resize handle in collapsed state
    119. VB-3094 Tweaking accepted color contrast so that eg gets blue bg
    120. VB-3035 Not possible to close window after changing search selector in searchfield
    121. VB-2923 Multiselect Bookmarks does not work on Mac
    122. VB-2900 Issue Report: In the search options, Wolfram Alpha has a typo.
    123. VB-2825 Add developer tool to tools menu
    124. VB-2744 add a resize handler to search field and adjust width to the translated text automatically
    125. VB-2608 Allow to hide search field on tool / url bar
    126. VB-2493 The Vivaldi menu appears on wrong monitor with a dual-monitor setup
    127. VB-2298 Settings window - position
    128. VB-2225 It should not be possible to open more than one settings window
    129. VB-2808 Vivaldi shows up black on Linux
    130. VB-2794 Delay autoexpand bookmark folders during drag n drop
    131. VB-2792 Del keybinding not working on Mac
    132. VB-2791 find in page does not search next on enter
    133. VB-2788 Keyboard shortcuts always firing within iframe.
    134. VB-2783 Coloring of the tab bar way too bright with green and yellow favicons
    135. VB-2770 Tab color flickers in a dark color on selection
    136. VB-2761 Broken media dialog and location dailog
    137. NN Navigate back to startpage shows incorrect url.
    138. VB-2759 Thumbnail for internal pages disappears after few seconds.
    139. VB-2738 Flash video does not show
    140. VB-2725 Regression: Leaving fullscreen mode with F11 fails
    141. VB-2722 Bookmark modal window appears in the wrong postion
    142. VB-2717 Keying up / down in bookmark tree is slow
    143. Vb-2632 ontentsettings crashes
    144. VB-2597 xpand / Collapse all bookmarks menu item
    145. VB-2500 Speed ​​dial page issue in fullscreen mode
    146. VB-2447 No task manager in Tools menu
    147. VB-2307 Session lost because of settings window
    148. VB-2288 Space should toggle expand / collapse state of folder
    149. VB-2256 Avoid closing all tabs accidentally in tab stack
    150. VB-2171 http not injected to urls in notes
    151. VB-2157 scrolling bookmarks panel shakes
    152. VB-2130 Scrolling does not work with scrollbar in urldropdown
    153. VB-2006 elete bug in notes
    154. VB-2000 copy to note missing from context-menu when using norwegian language
    155. VB-1980 Add ability to resize Notes input area
    156. VB-1967 No screenshot generated in Notes when clicking the frame under 'New note'
    157. VB-1923 Cannot select multiple items in bookmarks
    158. VB-1906 Window with more than one tab is not saved to trash
    159. VB-1849 Tab resizing by mouse difficult
    160. VB-1539 Ctrl + Enter should implement (www. Adress complete feature)
    161. VB-1490 Search in settings only find titles
    162. VB-761 Close button on tab shows up. Risk for inadvertent clicking.

    In general, try, experiment, test the browser in the "field" conditions - we will only be happy. And we will be doubly glad if you tell us about all the shortcomings through the error message sending page (so far only in English). Actually, for that they did it.

    And finally, the most delicious dessert. You can download the new version of Vivaldi browser from our official site . For button lovers - a special invitation:


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