Let's Lab. IS-IS routing protocol. Part 1

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Hi, Habr.

Routing is fun. And IGP routing is fast too. Of course, there are enthusiasts who lack the whole variety of solutions, and as a result we see such funny implementations as thousands of static routes or the complete dominance of iBGP in small grids.

But today we will not push the elephant into the eye of the needle. The topic under discussion is already 100 years old at lunch, but I am increasingly witnessing how the well-deserved protocol is recognized as the lot of perverts. And I'm talking about integrated IS-IS.
Since Cisco cut out the topic from CCNP R&S, everyone began to throw slippers into the poor man. Like, "go where the frame relay and x25 rest, we have OSPF." Yes, let's just call fools and lazy people the largest providers, maybe they really don’t want to keep up with the times?

I think the whole point is that not many beginning engineers are faced with this protocol in their work. By the way, the topic was not ignored in the CCNP Service Provider. And those who took the Juniper path may not have such prejudice at all. If you want to pass CCIE R&S written?

Do not consider me a fan of IS-IS, I believe that everything has its place, and do not shove IS-IS into each enterprise “if only”. But what categorically does not suit me is the amount of training materials and notes on the Internet. It’s very difficult to “enter from scratch”.

Dedicated to those whose hearts are captivated by operator networks, those who are not afraid to know the truth and those who longed to see IS-IS at least somewhere.

There is no text article under the cut. Only links to literature and sources.
I already tried to explain the reasons for this form factor in the pilot release, but the UFO sent me to read-only for "not a store" and a link to the linkmap.

Reading books:
H.Gredler-The Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol-2005
Abe Martey - Cisco Press - IS-IS Network Design Solutions, 2002
Cisco Press - Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.1.2nd.Edition.Oct. 2005
Wendell Odom, Rus Healy, Denise Donohue - CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide 4th Edition - 2009
CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide Volume 1, 2014

Full article about OSI stack, in Russian!

There will be more links in the next release. Actually, the salt will start there. The second part has not yet been recorded, and with your criticism you can influence the release. For the better.
PS Issues are similar to CBT Nuggets. I really like their presentation format. My respect to Jeremy Cioara .

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