Programming Philosophy 5 - Hummingbirds and Reactos

    Who knows how to copy, he knows how to DO. This was said by Leonardo da Vinci. You see, you proceed from your ideas about what XP, Windows, and OS are. People argue as follows:

    “I was still in my early years with XP, there were golden days, but now it’s not like that. New times, modern software. I don’t understand, why delve into junk? You would at least make a clone of the tenth Windows, but wherever at your speed, you will make it in 100 years.

    But if people copy old software, this does not mean that they are retrograde or necrophilia. Firstly, they are doing it now, being in modern conditions, knowing all the trends and directions. Secondly, the obsolescence of software in general is extremely counter-intuitive. For example, in the most modern applications there are pieces of code written more than twenty years ago, and, mind you, no one is going to rewrite them. This is information; it does not wear out, like metal or wood wears out. But people tend to translate their everyday perceptions into things intangible and requiring a completely different look. Do you understand? Information. This is not a thing. Compare with the poems of Pushkin.

    Now everything is changing rapidly, at least people have a feeling that everything is changing rapidly, not least imposed by advertising, and the needs of software companies for new incomes. We are still only at the beginning of the software period of history. We look at it all like children opening their mouths and stunned. We still can’t give a high rating and give marks. With decades and centuries, the picture will begin to take shape, and most likely it will turn out that a lot of code written at the end of the twentieth century will live and live like Pushkin’s poems. Because this is information, and if the algorithm is invented, the code is debugged and optimized, tested and time-tested, changing it, improving it will be as difficult as “I remember a wonderful moment”. What will you change? Change the wonderful to the "modern" word? "I liked the epic event"?

    Then, I personally, and you can throw stones at me for it, I consider it a manifestation of a low culture in general, comments are high for people who write open source code. This should be recognized as bad form. All these "yes who needs it," "you would have found a better job," "you have nothing more to do." This is a dead end, a road to nowhere. You can’t talk with people who are discovering a new direction of civilization in Russia - open source. It’s the same as beating a “literate” face. And for what, and very smart, and you plow the field. Programmers generally need to be respected as engineers were revered in the late 19th century, as pilots in the early 20s, as entrepreneurs in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    If a person writes a program that you personally do not need, naturally you have nothing to thank him for. But why not spit in the face? Why all these “guys know a lot about perversions”, “you are doing nonsense”, “I don’t see any practical benefit”, “practically nobody needs”. I understand that if people painted graffiti on the wall of your five-story building, and you do not like this graffiti. You can be indignant, because you need to look at it every day, to your children, maybe it seems ugly to you. But software? What can revolt here? Nobody forces you to use it, even reading an article about it is not necessary. You can consider it ugly, useless, but why should a programmer talk about this in a boorish style? Some kind of village motivation: I don’t understand - I’m baiting. What for? And so that it wasn’t! There is nothing to write (code) any crap. Self-affirmation? What is it? Critics

    I understand that a person wrote a wry comment, they threw minuses to him and five people acutely pinned up. But this is an episode, shut down - forgotten. But people write software for YEARS. You threw a shit at a person, but he’s alive and he will live and work even further on this “useless software”. And useless software cannot be useful unless you continue to work on it. Long, tedious, free. Change the behavior model. The next time you see the article “the new version of our ugly useless software has become even uglier and more useless, and most importantly it’s not clear why it is needed”, do not rush to write in the comments “I agree, complete crap”. Take a different tone. Imagine that people invent something, work, found something in it, and maybe it is YOU that do not understand something. Feel free to talk about what people know more about (since they’ve been working on it for years, it is logical to assume that they are at least in the subject). Pat on the shoulder, cheer up, write a bug report. Find something good. It is always there. Be respectful.

    On the site for programmers, an article from a programmer about his free project, this is the crown, this is the aristocracy, this is the cutting edge. You poison them. They must be extolled. They need to be stylistically highlighted on the hub, photographs of authors should be kept in beautiful fashionable frames on the honor board. All well done, and who translated the article from English, and who promotes the company in which he works, and who wants to share about the lambda on the Haskell. But admit it at last, - the person who presents the new (or first) version of his open software project on the Habré - this should be the most respected person, and his article should receive maximum respect. This event! This is a sensation! Among the confused, busy, inept, not finding time, imagining themselves elves in juperdale - the authors of real projects appear. You grimacing as a redneck over a physics teacher “spoils children - they began to read a lot.” Yes, even if these are the most useless programs in the world, even if they are ugly, even if they are like heaven to the best Western standards, they still need to be watered, undead, cherished and cherished. Blow off dust particles. These people should be heroes, and you yourself, with your "misunderstood-nafigaononada", climb into heroes and assert yourself. You should be ashamed, not them.

    Moreover, it is worth noting that it is the authors of all kinds of such projects that usually everything is in order with culture. They are brought in by dozens of idiotic comments, but they themselves are the most polite always. A man who knows how to work, he already knows how and respect. Spit in the face, this is not only a sign of culturelessness, it is primarily a sign of a person UNDERSTANDING. Not able to assess labor costs, to assess the degree of competence. Most comments on Reactos come from people who are not even able to distinguish the OS kernel from the file manager shell. And these people do not consider themselves fools, they consider the fools of the authors of Reactos. How much can you endure this? Such people need to say bluntly - behave yourself. Keep silence in a decent society. Do not spit on respected people. And point with your finger - at the authors of Reactos, Hummingbirds - here they are - DEAR. The same is done in the village. Guys collect their fools by the ears pull and say: “this ridiculous bespectacled man who you threw rotten eggs, this is a Physics Teacher - Dear man. Once again I’ll see that you behave badly with him - you’ll get not only an ear, but I’ll drive you with a wrench and run around like a scalp. ” Small commentators should get accustomed to the pot, to understand that they are the last people in the community of programmers. Bottoms. And always look around, adults will notice their dirty tricks or not. Bloomed. that they are the last people in the community of programmers. Bottoms. And always look around, adults will notice their dirty tricks or not. Bloomed. that they are the last people in the community of programmers. Bottoms. And always look around, adults will notice their dirty tricks or not. Bloomed.

    Of course, democracy is freedom, everyone can say what they want. But you can tell him. A man shit in comments, - his right, but also our right to tell him - you shit, stop shitting, learn to respect the work of people. And a man is offended. I shit, but I'm not a shit, you're a shit yourself. And for confirmation, he takes his freshly laid shit and throws it into the face of the programmer. Look, I'm telling you shit yourself.

    I repeat, most of these “smarties” come from people who ask above in the same branch something like “Is it possible to launch HALO-3 on a Hummingbird”? Yeah. And these people feel masters in discussion. They are located on a specialized site of the community of programmers, trample on the elite of this community and consider themselves masters. Clownery. And their main argument again and again is “I don't understand.” Where are those bright times in which misunderstanding is considered the sin of one who does not understand? "Misunderstandings."

    You see, there are such things that mankind produces in single copies. Well, dozens sometimes. Let's say a new model of a fighter, a new space rocket, a new great war, a crusade. A new discovery in physics. Human events. In terms of the level of ALL humanity. And the creation of operating systems is such a level. It is not for the pygmies with their clubs to judge these GIANTS. "Your rocket does not have a bonfire spot." The man got upset in his country house, the toilet masters, then he comes home and lounging criticizes the Superjet: "shit is rashkovsky, not like Boeing." You, asshole, do not compare Superjet with Boeing, but your toilet with Superjet. Compare, swallow tears and continue to compare, feel - who you are and what you can judge and what not.

    People made a supercar in Muhosransk, where there were only two big locksmiths, and it’s only two times worse than Ferrari or Lamborghini. Well, that is, it does not accelerate to 500, but only to 300, and weighs 100 kg more. Thousand locksmiths came and set fire to "competitors". Freaks, come up with what, supercars do. And here we are writhing on tire fitting. Understand the fundamental nature of the problem.

    Even if they never fit, all these open projects, never at all. But among us People are growing, with a capital letter. Cosmic creatures, they swing to the peaks, try on the stars. The fact that a person personally uses the OS or an editor or an audio player creates a mistaken feeling in him that he can judge the author, that he understands better. Writers and directors are also tried. As they say: since I can read, I can authoritatively attach. A deceptive feeling of intimacy. You have a computer on your computer in Windows in your crap room in a crusher that has accumulated over the years and which you have not been able to make out, and you think that on this basis you can discuss the author of Reactos, for example. This is how the brain works.

    Let the authors of open projects live, work, receive our encouragement and approval, let them grow, we must follow them and we must love them as movie stars and great figures. Our future life largely depends on them. When you get on a plane and catch a glimpse of the captain of the aircraft, will you spit in his face, will you criticize him? Your life depends on him. You should bow to his legs, and you bow, there is a mean.

    Therefore, remember the words of Leonardo - who knows how to copy, he knows how to do. Someday, Russian programmers will thunder and become famous at their best, will release some incredible wonderful programs, creators and organizers, and I’m sure we will welcome them and ask: how did you become such a great programmer? The little man will quietly, politely, intelligently say “yes, that you, we just work, and we started in Hummingbird, (Reactos)”. Or even cooler "Yes, I was taught by great teachers, those who once worked on Reactos, they are people, undeservedly forgotten geniuses, and I'm just their student to the best of my ability." And now, everything is upside down - at the top it’s sarcastic redneck, and at the bottom there is a spat on ELITE - authors of open projects, despised and disrespected. And the programmers themselves, in their offices and cubicles, smart, well-read, should start and set an example. but not able to swindle on open source, and often dream of it. It is you who should be the first and remind others - open source, this is the level, this is honor and respect. The fact that only one in a hundred, at best, such projects are really needed by people and will take off is normal.

    Start your projects, do not be afraid, yes, they will bite you, they will bite you, but this is not true. The truth is yours. Create, develop, write about your works, inform the public. Sooner or later, the topic will be broken, people will realize that you are writing an open code, pushing a project, and this is above all - the most respected occupation.

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