DevCon Digest # 3. Diving into Visual Studio

    Hello! We are glad to present you the third selection of thematic materials on the topics of the DevCon conference live code . In the previous two releases, we plunged into the world of .NET and ASP.NET , and today we will deal with the news around Visual Studio 2015 and materials on organizing the development process.

    Open source

    Find your favorite C ++ library on NuGet [En]

    Most of you may know that NuGet is a library repository for .NET development, but what about C ++ development? The answer may surprise you: the NuGet gallery already has a large number of the most popular open source C ++ libraries.

    Visual F # on Github

    The Visual F # project officially moved to GitHub.

    Roslyn on github

    The Roslyn project officially migrated to GitHub.

    News & Articles

    Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 Released

    Announcement of the sixth preliminary release of Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 : according to tradition, bug fixes, increased stability and new nice buns. Read also the announcement from Brian Harry .

    February update VS Online [En]

    Service updates include: separate columns in Kanban, direct addition and editing of elements, adding several people for tests, and migration of Application Insight to the Azure Portal.

    Understanding Migration from Native TFS to Visual Studio Online [En]

    The ALM Rangers team has prepared the second version of their guide on migrating from their own TFS server to the VS Online cloud environment.

    Limited preview of the code search feature in Visual Studio Online [En]

    Code search allows you to easily and quickly search for the code within your account directly from a web browser. You can not only do full-text search, but also for some languages ​​(like C #, C and C ++, etc.) to take into account the structure of the code, doing a search for specific contexts like classes, comments, properties, etc.

    Diagnostic Tools Window in Visual Studio 2015 [En]

    An article by Dan Taylor about a new window of diagnostic tools in Visual Studio 2015, combining the capabilities of previous tools (output, intellitrace, performance & diagnostincs hub).

    Built-in memory diagnostics in VS 2015 [En]

    Adam Welch talks about updating diagnostic tools in CTP5 regarding memory usage tracking. One of the key innovations is the addition of support for profiling 64-bit applications.

    Analysis of C / C ++ code in VS2015 [En]

    An article by Joe Morris and Jim Springfield is dedicated to VS 2015's latest static analysis of C or C ++ code. In the new version - a combined error hub and internal changes in the process of building the AST, which now allow you to build the same code model as in the compilation process.

    Introducing UI Debugging Tools for XAML [En]

    For a long time, one of the key requests from developers to us was the means to view XAML during application execution. Such tools appeared in VS2015 CTP6 - you can view the visual tree of a working WPF application (support for Windows Store applications will be added later), including properties of tree elements.

    Blend for Visual Studio 2015 Preview [En]

    Along with the release of the preliminary version of Visual Studio 2015, Blend, our tool for designing the application interface, was updated. Innovations include a fresh design of the tool itself, improved interaction between Blend and VS, more convenient means for working with code directly inside Blend, including hints for XAML and basic debugging capabilities.

    See also video: Blend for Visual Studio .

    Connecting Cloud Services [En]

    In VS2013, a special dialogue for connecting services was added, which paved the way for automation of this process. In the VS2015 preview, we continue to develop this direction by adding new services, including Azure Storage and Salesforce (in addition to the existing Azure Mobile Services and Office 365 API).

    Visual Studio Tools Preview for Unity 2.0 [En]

    VS Tools for Unity is a free add-on for VS that allows you to develop and debug code in conjunction with your own Unity tools. Besides the fact that the second version of the tools supports VS2015 Preview, it also adds a number of new features: support for Unity scripts and shaders, improved visualization of collections and objects, and support for debug attributes.

    Performance improvement when debugging .NET code in VS 2015 [En]

    Andrew Hall talks about the fight against the headache of many developers: what to do when your code at the time of debugging is noticeably slower than without the debugger turned on.

    New Exception Settings Window in Visual Studio 2015 [En]

    Casey Andreson (Kaycee Anderson) talks about new options for adjusting the behavior of the debugger in case of exceptional situations.

    Debugging Output Window in Visual Studio 2015 [En]

    Angelos Petropoulos shares the secrets of using the output window to improve the debugging process of applications.

    A new way to quickly create code cards [En]

    Jean-Marc Prieur talks about working with code maps in VS 2015. Code maps are the new name for Directed Graph Documents, a means of visualizing the relationships between the various components of the application. Read also Jean-Marc's article on tool improvements in CTP6 .

    CodeLens for change history is available for C ++, JavaScript and SQL files stored in Git [En]

    CodeLens makes it easy to learn about code changes and other historical data right at the time of writing. They are integrated into the code editor and show, for example, such command information as when and by whom the file was changed and allow you to dive into the details of these changes. In previous versions of VS, CodeLens indicators were available only for C # and VB files. In VS2015 CTP6, CodeLens now show command indicators also for files with C ++, JS and SQL code (and taking into account the information provided by the Git repository).


    Cross-platform development with Visual Studio 2015

    On March 4, an online event “Cross-platform development with Visual Studio 2015” will take place, where you can learn more about the capabilities of Visual Studio 2015. The program of the event reports on the new ASP.NET 5, which allows developing for all platforms, including Linux and Mac, and cross-platform Mobile development for iOS, Android and Windows.

    Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses

    Studio Online Fundamentals of the Visual [En]

    If you still do not know what Visual Studio Online is, then this course is just what you need. Steven Borg and Aaron Bjork will help you learn how to organize teamwork and code management in a cloud service.

    Development and Testing Scenarios in the DevOps World [En]

    Deep immersion in development and testing scenarios within the organization of DevOps and ALM: modern tools for unit testing, functional testing of interfaces, load testing and other features, including using Azure, at Microsoft experts: Bret Stateham, Cale Teeter, Jeff Levinson and Charles Sterling.

    Introducing DevOps with Visual Studio Release Management [En]

    If your company is still manually preparing software releases, while experiencing all the associated problems of setting up the environment and controlling the process, then it's time to join the company of ALM experts, Micheal Learned and Krithika Sambamoorthy, to learn how to implement Continuous Delivery practices using Release Management functionality in Visual Studio and TFS.

    Evaluate and improve your capabilities with DevOps [En]

    What is DevOps, why is it needed and how can it help you? Industry experts - Brian Harry, Sam Guckenheimer, Gene Kim, David Tesar, Doug Seven, Richard Campbell, Kris Lankford and Michelle Bishop - will share with you their thoughts and practical tips for implementing DevOps in your company.

    Application Performance Monitoring [En]

    Morgan Webb talks about Microsoft's application performance monitoring solutions for your DevOps teams. This course is a great opportunity to get to know Application Insights and System Center Operations Manager.


    Recent Video from the Visual Studio Toolbox Series [En]

    A series of open source practice DevOps [En]

    Want to add flexibility to your development, testing, and deployment scenarios? Whether you are a flexible developer or IT specialist in a growing company, you know that modern software solutions are heterogeneous in nature and include components for both Linux and Windows. In this series, experts Ross Gardler and David Tesar talk about common open source tools for fully customizing your automated environment.

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