The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal # 5

    This wonderful Monday is a selection of the latest Drupal articles.

    In Russian

    By tradition, we start with materials in Russian:

    1. Pavel Kitaev wrote a tutorial on the Form API in four parts.
    2. In the comments to the last digest, the topic of best / worst practices when working with Drupal surfaced. As a result, we have at least two new materials on this topic: My Best Practices from @xandeadx and “ Most Common Mistakes in Drupal Development ” by holyorb2 .
    3. You can see drupal_http_request () usage examples on the blog.
    4. JOIN tables in their views field handler is a small Views-snippet.
    5. Alexander Pozharsky told how to create your own CKEditor plugin in Drupal 8 using the example of the source code insert button .
    6. How to add to the BODY class and other issues that concern you can be discussed on
    7. DrupalCafe passed in Moscow ( photo and video ) and in Novosibirsk (materials not yet available). Announced a cafe in Omsk and Kharkov . Join the community!


    Our regular column for beginners:
    1. The newly made Malaysian Drupal writes neat and detailed articles about the basics of Drupal. His Introduction to Views is great for exploring Views.
    2. After learning the basics, you can start writing Views-plugins. Help article to create an area plugin for views .
    3. Views are also good for exporting data to CSV .
    4. A good article about the module for setting the Path Breadcrumbs navigation chain has been published on the WebWash blog. By the way, all training videos on WebWash are free since November.
    5. Free video course on working with PhpStorm . Entrust all the boring work of the IDE, and engage in creativity in its purest form.
    6. The service appeared relatively recently, but it is already difficult to imagine how one could live without it. How to test any module without downloading to your website, read the article from the creator
    7. To be honest, the authors of the digest do not really understand how this can happen, but as they say, do not renounce the overlay and toolbar: an article on how to restore access to the administrative menu if it is lost.

    Everything for a Drupal Developer

    1. Video from DrupalCon Latin America .
    2. A good detailed article about performance : Memcache, Nginx, Cache Expiration, Spleshka, that's all.
    3. A couple of notes for those who are considering using Docker: A quick intro to Docker for a Drupal project , Drupal and Docker: creating a new Docker image based on an existing image .
    4. Chromatic, an American Drupal shop, shares its experience of implementing Ansible and Jenkins for deployment automation.
    5. The same guys from Chromatic try on the Atomic Design approach. Atomic Drupal Development: Building Pieces Before Pages is a general education article that combines all the pieces of the Drupal API.
    6. PreviousNext reinterpret theming using SASS, KSS, and SDD. For details, it is better to follow the link .
    7. For harsh coders, we have a great article on leveling your console up to level 80: Efficient Drupal Development with Tmux and Tmuxinator .
    8. Creating your own field using the Video field as an example.
    9. How to cover modules with tests in Drupal 7 , the blog tells.
    10. More than a month has passed since the release of Backdrop CMS, but so far there are not so many ported modules. A series of articles on How to Maintain Contrib Modules for Drupal and Backdrop at the Same Time (as well as Part 2 ) is designed to simplify the process of supporting modules for two different cores as much as possible. Especially as its core-committer David Rothstein writes.
    11. Returning to the topic of best practices, some tips on how to introduce new practices in a team .
    12. runs on JSON panels . Both developers are satisfied and content managers are good.
    13. Commerce Guys share their experience setting up SSO (single sign-on) on their services.
    14. The most dramatic articles are usually published about AJAX, because they are based on hours of pain, debug and bewilderment. This time we have a note about AJAX and the same #id .
    15. Often the solution to the problem in the contrib module already exists as a patch. If you feel uncomfortable with the word “patch”, then the How to Patch Drupal Modules article is for you.

    Drupal 8

    1. Angela "webchick" Byron prepared a complete cut of the state of the kernel with a classification of tasks by functionality / complexity / criticality. Choosing a task of interest and joining the kernel development process has become much easier.
    2. Now even Dries Beitart figured out the eight and wrote the first technical article on the new caching system in a long time: Making Drupal 8 fly :)
    3. And again about Dependency Injection , the most exciting part of Symfony architecture.
    4. @lakshminp writes a book about Drupal 8. Something comes out on the blog: The Drupal 8 plugin system ( part 1 , part 2 ).

    Interesting modules

    1. Options Element - a convenient interface for creating list fields ( video ).
    2. Super Login - UX Improved Login Page ( article )
    3. Interval Field - in the field you can enter the intervals "2 hours", "3 days", etc. ( video ).
    4. Touch Icons - setting site icons on iPhone and iPad ( video ).
    5. Static Generator - generating a static version of a site that does not require PHP and a database.
    6. CTools Token Access - make temporary links using Page Manager.

    Oleg Kot and Katya Marshalkina worked on the release .

    Also popular now: