Study of the choice of owners of online stores

Hello dear Megamind!

My name is Maria Volkova, I am a student at the Higher School of Economics for the first year of the Master's program in the Electronic Business field. One of my final studies should be a survey of owners of online stores about their organization of business processes on the Likert scale.

The Likert scale is a psychometric scale that is often used in questionnaires and questionnaire studies (developed in 1932 by Rensis Likert).
When working with the scale, the subject assesses the degree of his agreement or disagreement with each judgment, from “completely agree” to “completely disagree” - from one critical point through the neutral to the opposite critical. For example: from humanism to misanthropy, from religiosity to atheism.

I need 95 answers, but from people who really do business on the Internet.

Therefore, if you, as a person owning a business on the network, are interested in how your colleagues and competitors organized their business, then simply express your attitude to this statement by choosing one of the 5 proposed answers and expanding it in the comments if you wish .

It will be great if you, with your answer, also indicate the scope of your online store; for a more complete understanding of the picture.

As soon as I know the results of this survey, I can defend them at the university before the commission and publish, afterwards, a mathematical justification explaining why 95 answers are needed, and the sample is objective and the conclusions are significant.

Please spend one minute of your time and help the young researcher. I am grateful in advance to everyone who drew attention to this publication!

Thanks again for your answers! If it doesn’t bother you, ask to leave a comment from your friends if you know that they manage an online store.

Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

“Using Western experience has helped me in organizing the business processes of my online store”

  • 1.8% I completely agree. My industry allowed me to simply take and, not be afraid of this word, copy a specific business model of my Western colleagues without any special modifications; 1
  • 16.9% Rather agree. When creating my online store, they used a western analogue, but slightly adjusted it taking into account Russian Internet realities; 9
  • 30.1% Difficult to answer. It is difficult to say what was taken from the Western experience, and what from the Russian; 16
  • 32% More likely disagree. Maybe some straightforward quite obvious regularities were taken as an example from Western practice, but they had to pretty much adapt to the Russian buyer; 17
  • 18.8% Strongly disagree. In Russia, the laws of the development of Internet business are too unique, so when creating my online store I had to develop a completely Russian concept of organizing business processes. 10

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