Android users will pay for words, Nintendo will release an application for iOS, Rovio will print a book - and other news of the week for a mobile developer

    Developer Economics Report

    VisionMobile introduced the eighth Developer Economics report, which involved 8,000 developers from 143 countries. Here are some interesting facts:

    In fact, there is no platform war. According to the results of the survey, the Android and iOS platforms are equally interesting for developers, they are preferred by 40% and 37% of respondents, respectively, while only 8% of respondents are focused on Windows Phone. But at the same time, Apple and Android clearly divided the market among themselves: the first went to its “elite” part, the second - everything else.

    The rapid growth in the popularity of the Swift language. 4 months after the appearance, 20% of mobile developers already use it. At the same time, 23% of them had no previous experience with Objective-C. Such indicators can be considered very successful, given that the popularity of the Go language from Google for 5 years has reached only 5%.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasingly popular idea. Among the developers surveyed, 53% are already related to such a project. Moreover, for half of the developers this is either a hobby or a side project. Among the IoT projects, the most popular are smart home (37%) and wearable computers (35%).

    Among the respondents, 33% of developers make games, but only 57% earn more than $ 500.

    You can download the report immediately after registration via the link .

    Google tests voice (!) Payments for Android phones

    Google begins testing a new voice payment service called Plaso. It is expected to be used in the retail or catering industries. This is a worthy competitor to Apple Pay, which was introduced last year. In Plaso, voice will be used as the identifier of the account holder, and for this you will not need to use any specific keyword, but just say a few sounds.

    Google has extensive experience in using voice control and has implemented quite a few projects in this direction. As an identifier of a person’s personality, his voice will be analyzed, and this method is slightly inferior to fingerprints, if we talk about application in everyday conditions.

    On the other hand, if we are talking about real conditions, that is, there are some problems, or rather a high level of noise in public places that will interfere with voice identification, it is easy to record a person’s voice for criminal purposes ... Yes, and fingerprints can be copied, but it's ten times harder than standing in line for fast food with a voice recorder. This suggests the conclusion that this service may have additional verification of identity: passwords, pin codes or something like that - and this is no different from what is now with a credit card. But these are just assumptions - let's see what happens as a result when all the tests are over.

    Zynga will launch match-3 based on FarmVille

    The glory of King and their many Candy Crash Saga haunts many. No further than in the previous issue, we mentioned a match-3 game from Supercell and Rovio. This time Zynga breaks into the club, they launch their variation - a game based on FarmVille. The working title of the FarmVille project is Harvest Swap.

    At the moment, they have made a trial run in the Philippines. It is too early to draw any conclusions, they started only in mid-January, and the Philippines market is rather modest.
    By the way, similarly to Rovio, Zynga stepped up and actively rive small toys. What is it: researching the market from your own experience? reduce risks?

    93% of revenue from the mobile market - from Apple

    A new Canaccord report shows how much money companies make on the mobile device market.

    According to them, in the fourth quarter of 2014, Apple collected record revenue on profits from the sales of its devices, or rather, it is 93% of the entire market! Behind her, in second place, with 7% - Samsung. Yes, this is only one quarter, but such a gap is enormous.

    At the end of 2014, the picture is slightly different: about 80% Apple and about 25% Samsung, and the rest work at zero or even minus, as is the case with Microsoft. You can also say that in 2014 only Apple increased its revenue compared to 2013, while Samsung's results are almost 2 times worse.

    Nintendo Launches iOS App

    Nintendo, the joy of children's (and not only!) Days, has been behaving very unusual lately ... After a big scandal last year, when the company put a copyright hammer on innocent lettered players (filling up with “content ID match” applications), Nintendo she seems to have decided to loosen the leash, still allowing her to use her games in the video. But with the condition - 100% of earnings from advertising such videos go to Nintendo. Tum da shh!

    Okay, what's on the mobile front? The company has been deliberately fighting for several years with its game emulators. And here is the official announcement- we are releasing the application for iOS! Everyone's heart froze? Is your throat dry? Really, holy grail, the opportunity to play classic games? Mm, no, the new application makes it possible to use icons and avatars of game characters in social networks! Tum da shh.

    Satoru Iwata himself, the president of Nintendo, believes that publishing games on smartphones and tablets could negatively affect device sales from Nintendo itself (although the company's latest iron department report is disappointing). Apparently, the characters of the old Nintendo games will not come to our mobile devices yet.

    Rovio got to the books

    If you can’t repeat your success in games, then you need to diversify your business and try your luck in related fields. Soft toys, cartoons, even soda with birds - and now the book ! The book, by the way, is not about birds, it is about brave girls. The adventure of The Sinking World by Mintie Das.

    The book will tell about five girls who decided to travel on the sea after the death of their parents. Even a sequel has been planned, which will be released in late 2015 - early 2016, which, apparently, will depend on the success of the first book.

    Why exactly the book and in what surroundings they will submit it is still a mystery. I wonder what goals they pursue - a new brand? Spawn a new world for new projects? Just helping a good person?

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