DevDay Pro Testing: Recording Reports

    September 28, we had a QA DevDay. The program was compiled at the request of participants - two reports about API testing and one presentation about fuzzing from developer C ++. Especially for those who do not like the classic QA-section.

    Today we share the records of all three reports. Speakers in touch, if you have any questions - feel free to ask in the comments to the post.

    What is DevDay?

    DevDay - open meetings for sociable developers in Novosibirsk. This time we set records (and folding chairs). Were sad on the selection procedure with a competition of three people per seat, selecting only the guys from QA. And then they were happy and celebrated - our hall has never seen 170 guests from seven cities. The guys from Moscow, Tomsk and Omsk so all came to Novosibirsk for one evening.

    Automation of backend recourse. Without SMS and autotests // Antonina Fantalina

    Tonya is testing a navigator in 2GIS. The project is voluminous, and the available unit- / functional / integration tests do not always find problems. In her speech, Tonya told how to check the API for changes using diff-responses from the server, and shared the agony of choosing between Diffy, Karate and a custom solution.

    Postman and Newman - API API for the poor // Anton Malev-Lanetsky

    Anton is used to working under tight budget terms and is happy to share his life hacking. The report tells how to make friends with Postman and Newman, get away from the launch by hand and get a report in a convenient way. Invaluable skill and free implementation.

    Fuzzing or testing with junk data // Maxim Bakirov

    It should be noted that Max writes in C ++ and his report is very close to unit-testing. However, even if the topic is not close to you, watch the video for fun. Our guests unanimously noticed that fuzzing is the future.

    If you want to continue

    Videos from past meetings - in DevDay channel on YouTube
    Even more reports - on
    Photo report from the event - in the VK group " Tekhno2GIS "

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