“We will call you back”

    All of us, or almost all, have ever gone for interviews. And all of us (or almost all) were told the phrase: “We will call you back” and didn’t call back - which in fact should mean that alas - you didn’t come up.

    I'm not an exception. A month ago, I decided to change my place of work and went for interviews. So in just one company, I had a really cool interview on a programming language, and not "Grow up, tell me what you did and if you can do this." In the end there was about the same phrase and naturally I did not call back.

    But today a letter came:

    Andrey Vladimirovich, good afternoon!

    I apologize for the fact that we have so delayed with the answer on your candidacy for our vacancy *** developer. We had to extend the search time, so discussions and choices dragged on.

    Unfortunately, at the moment we are not ready to make you this offer.

    It was a pleasure to interview you and I sincerely wish you good luck in your search for a new job!

    Honestly, thank you very much for that. I would like for all employers to write and do what they promise, at least in writing.

    Dear staff of the personnel department - if you promise to call back, then call back or at least send a letter. And if you also write / tell me why it did not fit - it will be absolutely perfect. After all, as a specialist who wants to become a professional in my specialty, I need to know what my problems are.

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