DevCon Digest # 2. Diving into ASP.NET

    Greetings! We continue the series of thematic collections of materials on the topics of the DevCon conference . If last time we plunged into materials related in general to .NET , today we will look deeper towards server technologies, or rather, the new ASP.NET .

    Open source

    ASP.NET on GitHub

    ASP.NET sources in clear text. From a relatively recent one, I recommend paying attention to the Docker image of ASP.NET 5 and .NET XRE (Cross-Platfrom Runtime SDK). And, of course, the documentation for the new ASP.NET is also on GitHub.

    News & Articles

    Having fun with ASP.NET 5, Linux, and Docker ( Part 1 , Part 2, and Part 3 ) [En]

    An article by Mark Rendel about how he, having been tormented with virtual machines, ran ASP.NET under ElementaryOS. In the first part, Mark begins by installing ASP.NET on top of Mono, the second part deals with the configuration of code editors, and the third part prepares the project for launch in the Docker container.

    ASP.NET 5 and AngulaJS Series [En]

    Stephen Walther has written a large series of articles on ASP.NET 5 application development using AngularJS:
    1. Grunt, Uglify, and AngularJS [En]
    2. Using the MVC 6 Web API [En]
    3. Adding Client Paths [En]
    4. Using Entity Framework 7 [En]
    5. Form Validation [En]
    6. Security [En]
    7. Launch on Mac [En]

    ASP.NET Diving into OWIN / Katana ( Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4 ) [En]

    A series of articles by John Atter on the creation of ASP.NET applications that run on top of the OWIN specification and, accordingly, Katana, a set of open components that implement it.

    The first article gives basic definitions and shows how to create a simple project. The second one tells how to create a Web API project from scratch that runs in the OWIN / Katana environment. The third article focuses on the implementation of authentication and authorization, and the fourth adds a user data model to them.

    Migrating from ASP.NET Web API to MVC 6 - see Web API Compatibility Shim [En]

    Filip Wojcieszyn understands how to migrate an ASP.NET project from Web API 2 to MVC 6 using an additional “layer” of the Web API Compatiblity Shim from the ASP.NET team.

    Writing a quest for ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and Angular.js from scratch

    An article by Viktor Kotsyuban on Habré about the experience of writing a quest on a bunch of new ASP.NET and Angular.JS.

    SignalR in multi-server or smart configuration - Scaleout

    Igor Sychev talks about how to make SignalR distributed across multiple servers through the use of backplane functionality.


    Conference Go # Moscow. ASP.NET Day

    A conference for developers on ASP.NET will be held on February 28 in Moscow. The program reports on the future of ASP.NET, cross-platform development on ASP.NET, practical experience in developing complex client-server solutions and other interesting topics.

    Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses

    What's New in ASP.NET 5 [En]

    Scott Hanselman, Sayed Hashimi, Scott Hunter, Louis De Jardin and Daniel Roth talk about how ASP.NET has changed in the new version. The course includes an overview of the Wep API, development tools (VS), as well as a dive into the internals of ASP.NET and EF7.

    Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

    Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison talk about how to create and configure an MVC application. The course is designed for developers who are just starting to use ASP.NET MVC for developing web applications.

    Configure Authentication Using ASP.NET Identity [En]

    Adam Tuliper and Jeremy Foster talk about how to use ASP.NET Identity to configure access to web applications and services.

    How to connect real-time web communications with SignalR [En]

    Jon Galloway and Brady Gaster talk about how to add real-time communication capabilities to your web application step by step.


    Russian App Day: ASP.NET 5

    Report by Vladimir Yunev at the Russian App Day conference about the new ASP.NET 5.

    TechEd Europe'14 reports

    TechEd Europe'14. The future of Microsoft .NET on the server [En]

    Scott Hunter talks about transformations in the ASP.NET and .NET Framework aimed at making the platform open, and application code faster, easier to write, and optimized for use in the cloud.

    Other reports about ASP.NET:
    • Latest Innovations for ASP.NET MVC Development [En]
      Story about new ASP.NET MVC features and fundamental changes (OWIN / Katana layer).
    • ASP.NET Identity [En]
      ASP.NET Identity is a completely rewritten framework that takes ASP.NET's system of rights to a modern level, including, in particular, the easy integration of third-party authentication systems (including social networks) and two-factor authentication.
    • Building Real-Time Applications with ASP.NET SignalR [En]
      Story about using SignalR to create real-time web applications that involve constant communication between the server and connected clients.
    • ASP.NET Web API: Beyond the Basics [En]
      The session understands the intricacies of ASP.NET Web API: internal architecture, extensibility, asynchronous actions, security and implementation of caching and streaming.

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