Fundraising for purchase of Flir Lepton thermal imaging module

    In January of this year, at CES, the largest manufacturer of thermal imagers in the world, FLIR, introduced the new FLIR One gadget, a case that turns a smartphone into a 0-100 ° C thermal imager ( habratopik , review on pcmag ). The cost of such a case for Iphone 5 is $ 350 and today it is not for sale in Russia.

    The “heart” of FLIR One is the Lepton miniature module with dimensions of 8.5 × 8.5 × 5.6 mm. The module is a receiver of infrared radiation, provides a resolution of 80 × 60 pixels, a viewing angle of 51 ° horizontally, 63.5 ° - diagonally.

    The company sells the module separately, but only in bulk. Pure Engineering LLC launched a crowdfunding campaignon group purchase of the Lepton party. One module costs $ 257 + shipping to Russia $ 48. For comparison: the cost of finished thermal imagers starts from 40 thousand rubles. In addition, Pure Engineering is developing a breakout board (pictured above) that will allow Lepton to connect to an Arduino, STM32 or Raspberry PI. As I understand it, the video is transmitted via SPI, the control is carried out according to I 2 C.

    Thus, it will be possible to assemble a thermal imager for a third of the finished price. A thermal imager can be useful for checking the heating of equipment, pipes, underfloor heating, searching for short circuit, and also as a night vision device. The campaign will last until October 4. Distribution of the first batch is expected in October.

    Page fundraising
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