Has Microsoft Unveiled Its Social Service?

    It seems that in the field of competition for users of social networks, another solid player may appear - Microsoft. The basis of this conclusion can be the story that happened last week with one of the sites owned by the Redmond Corporation. On Tuesday, a number of attentive users noticed that a working website appeared at http://www.socl.com/ , owned by Microsoft, which looked like this:


    The screenshot of the service, called Tulatip, was saved on the screenshot, and it was alleged that with his help:

    "... You can easily find what you need and share it easier than ever."

    However, after a very short time, the site disappeared, and in its place now is a page explaining that Tulatip is an internal project of Microsoft Research and was published on the Internet by accident.

    Of course, on the one hand, this story may turn out to be true, testifying to the solid approach of the Redmond corporation to the development of its products - so solid that a whole internal social service is created for the unit’s members, which you can work with by logging in via Facebook or Twitter. However, it seems logical to assume that amid the fever with Google+, Microsoft also decided to participate in the social networking pie section and held a short “teaser” announcement of the upcoming project.

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