Coffee'n'code in Kiev: We no longer say yes. We say "Affirmative"

    Attention! Under the cut, there may be information that may make you envy of the Kievans who attended the first Coffee'n'Code meeting in Kiev. Hey. On August 8th, the first Coffee'n'Code meeting was held in Kiev. Unusual format, a lot of interesting people. Accordingly - a bunch of acquaintances and new ideas. This event was followed by many proposals for presentations at future meetings. On all sides - a positive result. From the point of view of the organization (advice to future generations), I can say that: a) the more people there are, the more formalized the meeting is obtained b) carefully think out the sequence of speeches c) try to at least briefly look at the content of the upcoming report, and make 3 backups in case sunken flash drives


    d) if more than 15 people are going to attend the event, there can be no talk of any cafe
    e) no card will help. try to find a place that can be found without difficulty.

    After analyzing the feedbacks, I will add:
    a) speaker, make a presentation with theses. Clearly, clearly, with humor! (all our speakers were praised)
    b) it turns out that the vast majority of people are interested in hearing not only about their native technology, but about other things unknown to them
    c) it’s mostly convenient for people to hold such events once a month ( although on this occasion my forecasts are not very positive)
    d) Design Patterns & Success Stories (is this some kind of secret? .. strange, but many were interested in just that)

    Happy faces of programmers,come to the first Coffee'n'code, you can see here :

    At the moment we are collecting feedback from visitors. A lot of constructive, suggestions, comments, criticism. Well then. We will be corrected.

    @Farcaller posted a mini-report for a cofix here .

    Ciklum version report here .

    The event was attended by 30 people (especially persistent, who were not afraid of rain and travel from metro Beresteyskaya). Speakers covered the current topic of the Web from different angles.
    Articles on the topic of reports are already online:

    Those wishing to make presentations at future meetings: write here , go to the Kiev Cofee'n'Code blog .

    I would like to say special thanks to the speakers, as well as Vyacheslav Pankratov and Luxoft for the space provided for the event .

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