Google made search more social

    Since the launch of Google+, Google has made great efforts to promote the service and integrate it into its core products. It is proposed to register when you launch a new device on Android 4.0, it is advertised on TV, not to mention its promotion on the Google home page.

    Today, Google released an update for its search engine on, dubbed “Search Plus Your World.” Google+ users can now search both the familiar web and their own social graph from Google+. That is, if something that you or your friends shared on Google+ matches your request, then this will be shown. This personalized SERP will be displayed alongside familiar search results.

    If you don’t want the results associated with Google+, then just switch to global mode. You can even turn off personalized search in general.

    According to Jack Menzel, Product Search Management Director, Google+ users will now be able to "search for information that is private and available only to you, not just the public web." Google calls this access to "your web."

    Menzel explained that starting today, Google+’s results will fit in with traditional results, but they’ll stand out clearly. For example, at the request of “Rome”, along with maps, guides, historical information, the user can find a record of his friend on Google+ about a recent trip to Rome. This entry, of course, appears only if the user's friend shared it with him or if the entry is public.

    In addition, image search will show images from the anonymous web along with your own and your contacts - if they shared with you. On each image it will be marked that it is yours or your specific contact.

    This is a significant blurring of the border between the familiar web and circles of friends on a social network. Of course, the results of “your world” will be as good as the records and photos of your friends.

    Google+’s deep integration into search doesn't stop there. Google+ profiles will now be part of the search field. As long as you are logged in to Google+, Google will try to demonstrate the best results for your circles. For example, Google will assume that you are looking for someone you know, not just a random person with the same name.

    The results will indicate public profiles and those you do not have in circles. A new Google search will allow you to add them directly to the results page. Similarly, when you search for something on a particular topic, Google will add “famous people” who are experts on the topic to the results.

    A Google search on your world will only work if you are logged in to Google+ and you use a secure search on . Since now an unprecedented amount of personal information will appear in the SERP, SSL is enabled for all authorized users by default. In the process of searching for “your world,” you can use the convenient switch (look at the first screenshot), which will allow you to return to the good old familiar search.

    via TechCrunch , Mashable , ReadWriteWeb

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