iPhone scam on the Internet from Merafon-Ural

    How can I distort the beautiful idea of ​​an Internet device by all respected Apple in Russian?
    For example, in megaphone-urals it is very simple:

    • We save expensive tariffs with unlimited internet.
    • We set the granularity of charging for 100 kilobytes.
    • We take advantage of the fact that you can’t completely disable the Internet on an iPhone .
    • We use the fact that the iPhone strictly every hour makes some kind of requests to the Internet.
    • We take away from customers the ability to disable / enable the Internet using SMS or USSD requests from the phone.

    This is enough to rip 72 * 5 = 360 rubles from clients automatically from simple mathematics 100 * 24 * 30 = 72000 every month even if you have never used the Internet!

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