Learning to relax

    The work of a programmer is hard mental and plus creative work. Of course it's fun to code, develop or design some kind of mega-service or startup, but it requires powerful brain work.

    Powerful ASM programmer brain

    The athlete works with the body, and the programmer with the head. An entire team is working on an athlete - a trainer, nutritionist, neuropathologist, psychologist, etc. Does such a team work with programmers? If you do not take into account Google, then usually the programmer is presented to himself and he has to work on himself. And this is despite the fact that the brain is busy with the project, new technologies, deadline, bugs and a bunch of other problems that need to be addressed immediately. In addition, there are problems in personal life that are not so easily solved.
    One of the main tasks for himself is the ability to relax, especially when there is a match, game, fight - to use every opportunity to relax, as little as possible extra movements to keep himself in a fighting condition.
    The programmer, I think, should treat himself the same way. It would even be wonderful if people could receive expert advice on rest and daily routine. A poorly developed relaxation skill can lead to a variety of problems.

    Typical complaints:
    • I rest on vacation, but there is only enough rest for a month, then again like a robot
    • I am not breaking the case with my relatives and friends. I can’t force myself to do simple housework - to clean, wash the dishes.
    • I avoid communication, it does not bring pleasure.
    • It seems to work like an ox, but the results are insignificant.

    What to do, how to be? If you have similar problems, then the most correct will be to contact a neurologist. He will evaluate the depth of the problem and prescribe treatment. If everything is running, then it may take a long rest and taking various drugs, including antidepressants. Excellent help in this matter is provided by recreation in specialized clinics in the German Alps. Silence, calm treat many mental illnesses. Many writers and poets loved to relax there. Burnout sufferers - welcome!

    But I would like to dwell on the hygiene of mental labor. How to work your head and always be cheerful, happy and happy!

    My thoughts are my horses

    First of all, you need to pay attention to what is happening in the head.

    The fact is that the human brain consists of cells that have a charge and which transmit it to each other during mental activity.

    Many people have devils in their heads. Thoughts appear suggestive of noise, they are clogged by others that appear do not understand where. A person constantly thinks about something, analyzes something, thinks about something - and so all day and even in the evening. As a result, the charge of cells is depleted and a powerful feeling of fatigue develops. Sleep is also disturbed. For example, you can’t fall asleep because you think and think about something. Wake up in the middle of the night. Even when you’re eating, you’re thinking about all kinds of garbage, such as how fun it is to implement 3D in Fallout.

    There are two methods to deal with this.

    Rest from thoughts

    Those who practice yoga will quickly seize. For relaxation you need meditation. For those who do not know what meditation is, I will describe a simple exercise.

    In a room in which it’s calm and quiet and no one will interfere (turn off mobile phones and turn off the computer), we lie on a comfortable bed. The body is straight, arms at the seams, muscles relaxed. We are trying not to think about anything, but to feel calm and serenity. Bams, the first impudent thought appears. Imagine in the head of such a powerful stupid 2x2 guard who blocks the thought and broadcasts to her “Goodbye!” and after that drives her out of your quiet, serene head. So you need to get rid of all thoughts and soon you will learn how to do it with a simple willful effort, without a guard, thereby plunging into meditation. Focus on calm and tranquility in your head.

    So then you can even meditate on the bus, but it is best to do it in some beautiful, pleasant place. Find it yourself!


    Now in the work, enter control over thoughts. Superfluous - away. Do the code - think about the code, and not about Masha, friends in ICQ, a vain roommate. Eat in the dining room - think about food. Less unnecessary, repeating like a plate, weedy thoughts. This is the same meditation, only on a specific case.

    Information Society and Plyushkin

    Nowadays, it is necessary to process a huge amount of information that is known to be generated by Cthulhu (at 21:00 on the First). A large amount of brain resources is spent on its digestion, but do you need it? If you have a free minute, you don’t have to spend it on reading a habr, dart, tape (allocate special time for this), but rather, drink a tea with a cookie. Some coming home from work watching telly or sitting on the Internet is a bad way to relax. You are still loading your brain (it’s better to litter it) with a weed load that only leads to fatigue and does not bring anything useful. Do you have an idol or something, I want to ask? “I want to know everything” - you don’t need it, I’m sure.

    Outdoor fizra

    If you don’t even make 30 minute trekking crossings a day, then bad news awaits you. In general, first of all, solve the problems described above. Because physical activity also strains the brain, and if you have a brain strain, neurasthenia, then physical education will be superfluous, do meditation. However, meditation can also be combined with exercise if the brain is not tired very much. Running, lifting a heavy barbell, riding a bicycle through the forest will drive away all extraneous thoughts (three more circles, hell, I will not run one, let’s run the body-machine). By the way, you need to burn fat from the abdomen only in the fresh air (in the hall it is ineffective).
    Exercising in the morning (or riding to the office on a bike, as I do) makes it a sleepy slug, a peppy bull. Putin does an hour and a half daily exercise. That's because then you have to sit on a chair for 8 hours, and this is unnatural. By the way, you should not sit on a chair for more than 40 minutes. You need to get up and walk for 5-10 minutes.
    In addition, physical education (you don’t need sports, you like to program) teaches you how to live, develops useful personal qualities, personality itself, confidence, has a beneficial effect on the psyche as a whole.
    You need to make the movement a part of your life, so that when you see it it is immediately obvious, and not that you drink a lot of beer on weekends. Health and clean energy will come immediately.

    The diet can not be violated

    That's it! Some megamen save on lunch. Better sell your organs right away! Seriously, everything should be done gradually. Therefore, to achieve high results, do this regularly. Run regularly, regularly go outdoors, eat regularly, sleep regularly. It is advisable to do all this also in due time, and not so today at 12, tomorrow at 14. Remember that everything in this world is subject to RHYTHM.
    Sleep is very important. No wonder they say - sleep heals. That is, its effect on the body is very extensive and it is not worth saving on it. They say that Artemy Lebedev sleeps 11 hours a day. At the same time, Donald Trump claims that he needs only five. First of all, you need to determine how much is enough for you and sleep enough. Lack of sleep is a sure way to degradation in physical and mental abilities. Perhaps you can build your regime so that you will need less time to sleep, maybe with age people sleep less - this is individual and is established by experimentation.

    be happy

    Another and last aspect of a good rest is pleasant emotions. Nothing prevents you from being content and happy right now (I hope). Do pleasant things for yourself, do not be too strict about yourself, and do not expect anything from yourself and others. Accept yourself and others as they are. Love yourself and women. Do not try to get a car loan when you already have one. Veshchizm - who needs it. Remember that the main thing in life is beauty and desire!

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