PLOPP, 3D drawing for children

    Nowadays, it’s just a bunch of any software, good and bad, but the niche of programs for children is poorly represented among the masses.

    That's about one of these programs, and we will talk. PLOPP is a drawing tool for animated 3D scenes with little effort. Here you can draw 3D pictures very quickly and easily! It is enough to draw a human (an object - for serious uncles) in 2D, and PLOPP himself will record it in 3D! Well, in 3D you can do anything with a human being: drag, rotate, set the display order in a 3D scene (closer, further relative to other human beings). Here you can draw a background on which our people will walk, and even add lighting.




    And of course, beauty cannot be concealed; it can be set as the desktop background or sent as ecard. Download:


    And, at 451 degrees Fahrenheit you can still read different things.

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