Thanks to tech support

    I have long wanted to make “my site” and blog on WordPress on it.

    I began to actively deal with the issue - I registered myself a free domain I began to
    understand the words: hosting-hosting, parking-sharing, content management system.

    And then it dawned on me - and I’ll write technical support: well, they’ll probably answer a couple of questions, and then everything will become clear by itself.
    Indeed, technical support quickly answered questions, but it did not become clear - rather the opposite.
    I sat, began to call old school friends - who they say can help me figure out the content management system and post a WordPress blog to me ... there was no result.

    Then it dawned on me once more - let me think I will write technical support, maybe they will do something for me for the money (well, like a hack).
    A letter arrives - "... don’t touch the system for 30 minutes" and then: "done - see"

    Mikhail Kulakov (namely that was his name) refused all my suggestions to put cognac or something else on him. Here's a damn tech support in Naunet, everyone would have such an

    UPD. Please note that at the time I asked questions and asked to do something - I didn’t pay a dime.
    IPD2. I decided that it is necessary to express gratitude to such a person, at least in this way.

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