Floor plan online


    Floor Planner beta is a very entertaining room planning service. You can take into account in the layout anything you want, starting from walls and floors, ending with a sofa and a set of plates.

    The interface is simple and intuitive, even a child will understand it. It is possible to view layouts in both 2D and 3D. It seems that there is even a full-screen mode, though I did not find it :-).

    It seems to be nothing of the sort, this service will not replace AutoCAD and Sims for us. But the emphasis of this service is precisely sociality!

    On this service you can:
    • Comment on the work of other users.
    • You can open your work to other users.
    • Shares his ideas by inserting his work into a blog, forum, anywhere.
    In addition, the service can be used without registration (which, incidentally, does not take more than 10 seconds) in order to evaluate the service.
    Generally plan and share your ideas!
    My blog - Chernev.ru
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