Ruby in RIT ++

    As you probably already know, the main conference of Russian web developers, RIT ++, will be held in Moscow on the 25-26th . Ruby will also be covered at the conference, do not miss the reports listed below :-)

    There will be a report on Ruby, as well as a master class on front-end development using Ruby chips (Haml, Sass, Compass).

    On Monday, April 25th, at 17:30 in the hall №4 Andrey Sitnik ( @andrey_sitnik) will hold an hour-long master class on the topic “Speeding up front-end development using Haml, Sass and Compass”. One of the pages of the Groupon will be “prepared” - Andrei (front-end developer at the Groupon) will show how to “layout” a Haml page from scratch (layout) and use Sass / Compass to connect styles to it, use CSS3 “chips”, avoid repeats in styles and generate sprites on the fly using Compass. All sources of the master class will be posted on GitHub.

    For those interested in front-end development, I also recommend going to the report by Yuri Artyukh ( @akella ) - on April 26, at 16:30 in room 2: what graceful degradation is, why this technique needs to be used and how to use it correctly. Yuri has a blog and teaches master classes, so this report promises to be interesting and useful.

    On April 26, at 5:30 p.m. in Hall No. 4, Ravil Bayramgalin ( @brainopia ) will tell RITs about what has appeared in Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3; the report is called "Destroying Negative Myths about Rubies and Rails." It so happened that many professional developers had a negative opinion about Ruby ("slow") and Rails ("not scaled"). Ravil will tell you how the Rails stack has accelerated with new versions of the interpreter and framework, what new features have appeared, and why Rails is still the best choice for flexible web development, including examples from the same Groupon.

    If you are already registered and come to RIT - try not to miss the reports. We are happy to talk with you before and after the conference. If you do not have time to register or can not be - the online broadcast will be here , however, for the money.

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