IE7 - browser for masochists

    Recently I checked in several browsers what the layout looks like. When starting IE7, accidentally drew attention to the Favorites bar. There are a couple of buttons on it by default, one of which is “Get more extras.” Since the phrase is long, it is cut in half and an ellipsis is added.

    It turns out "Get big ...". But the most interesting thing happens when these very additions are discovered: the font on the button becomes bold, which further reduces the text and the button looks like this: I don’t know what novice users think when they see the “Get Pain ...” button in the Favorites panel! ". After clicking on the button, the bold font disappears until the next update. To check by yourself, right-click and in the "Properties" set the minimum frequency of update checks (to wait less).


    The blooper is certainly inconsequential, but quite funny. Demonstrates, at a minimum - the inattention of the localization command

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