In Finland, Sony called for compensation for removing OtherOS from PS3

    The Finns found an interesting way to work on Sony. One of the owners of PlayStation 3, dissatisfied with the disappearance of the ability to run your favorite Linux on your favorite console, complained about the manufacturer to the local Consumer Complaints Board, in Finnish Kuluttajariitalautakunta :). The arguments in the complaint are simple and straightforward. By installing the notorious 3.21 firmware , the consumer was deprived of part of the functionality promised by the manufacturer upon purchase. On the other hand, if you do not update the firmware, the consumer will be deprived of other buns, for example, will not be able to play some new games. Not to mention bug fixes.

    A friend demanded compensation of € 150 (and the console he bought last year for € 268.90) The Consumer Complaints Board reviewed the case and acknowledged that the removal of OtherOS really deprives the product of some of the consumer properties declared by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. The consumer deserves compensation in the amount of 100 euros , which must be paid by the manufacturer and the retailer together.

    Although the decisions of this organization are advisory in nature and they themselves do not have legal force, but the Finnish courts in such cases are guided by them. The matter has not yet reached the trial, unlike America, but let's see what happens next.

    The most interesting in my opinion is that according to these figures it turns out that the consumer value of the OtherOS function is 37%, that is, more than a third of the cost of the console .

    Via Uusi Suomi (Finnish) viaAfterDawn via Slashdot .

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