Issue No. 3 of Pirate TV with Alexander Glushenkov

    Today was the announcement of our ( Pirate Party of Russia ) online with Alexander "Evil Lawyer" Glushenkov .
    The video address is completely different than the one where it was online.

    I’ll also publish this program, which, in my opinion, is the best of our three programs, and, as it turned out, is quite interesting for lawyers, but I hope it will be interesting for visitors to Habr.

    The rest of our 2 broadcasts are here:
    Air with Woki-Toki (musician in the style of 8bit)
    Air with Valery Mifodovsky (director of the Exit Project group , author of the project )

    After reading the rules, I could not find that I could violate this post. Therefore, I would like to use the Habr user to ask a few questions related to our further transfers.

    1. Whether it is worth making announcements on Habré? Are you interested in such programs?
    2. Since we shoot programs in the format of online broadcasts (due to the reluctance to do editing later, since this slows down the program’s output), should we take questions to the guest during the transfer in the comments on the announcement on Habré?
    3. In which blog is it worth publishing announcements and programs so that everything is in one place and fits the point? (In case you are interested, of course.)

    Well, in general, if there are any thoughts, criticisms, wishes and suggestions - also write in the comments.

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