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    A book collection on the materials of the UNESCO Forum in Yakutia on Lena Pillars was released. We, the participants, have been waiting for it for a long time, because about two years have passed since the conference and the adoption of the so-called Lena resolution .

    At a conference with representatives of 15 countries, political, ethical, sociocultural, psychological and other aspects of multilingualism were discussed, the linguistic situation in certain regions of Russia and the world, the activities of various organizations and states to preserve linguistic and cultural diversity were highlighted. In addition to purely linguistic sections, there were sections devoted to multilingualism in cyberspace, the Internet and other media.

    Book in pdf format (4 MB): Download

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    Moments of a ceremonial meeting of the participants. Speaker Advisor to the Director-General of UNESCO G. Yushkevichus Plenarka

    in the Oval Hall of the Government House and the work of one of the sections is already on the ship.

    In the bottom picture with choron - the Yakut national cup - Marcel Dicky-Kidiri, he conducts interactive courses of his native sangu language in the internet. By African standards, he says, the language is small, "only about 5 million speakers."

    A black man in white - Adam Samassekou - Secretary General of the Academy of African Languages, speaks Russian very well.

    A woman with a camera in a green T-shirt is a former deputy prime minister of Chuvashia. A man with his arms crossed (in one of the middle shots) is Mokhi, a representative of the Maori people.

    The rocks are similar to Lena, but judging by the narrowness of the river, it is rather not Lena itself, but Buotama River, its tributary:

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