Evernote partners: ifttt will connect Evernote with your other services

    Name: ifttt
    Platform: Web
    Price: free
    Category: Task Management

    Imagine the Internet working as Rub Goldberg's machine when an event occurring in one place leads to the execution of a planned sequence of actions. Now this is real thanks to the IFTTT service(“if this, then that” - “if this, then that”). It allows you to create a simple automated workflow that runs when a specific action is performed. The setup is simple, the possibilities are almost endless, and most importantly, ifttt can make Evernote even more useful for you.

    Create tasks with ifttt

    Ifttt connects the two services of your choice, creating an automated action algorithm called a recipe. Recipes consist of triggers (Triggers) and lead to actions (Actions) . You can create your own recipe or use ones that were created earlier by other ifttt users. There are many ways to use ifttt. Some good recipes with Evernote we have given below.

    Using ifttt with Evernote

    To get started, create an ifttt account. Then decide what your first task will be (the possibilities are endless). In these recipes, triggers from Twitter, Gmail, Foursquare and other services will create a new note in your Evernote account.

    Here are some of the possible options for working with ifttt with Evernote:
    1. Create a new Evernote note for each Gmail message marked as “Important.” Do not lose important letters - send them directly to your Evernote account so that you can contact them at any time if necessary. [ Recipe ]
    2. Create a new Evernote note every time you star in a Google Reader article. Memorize articles and blog entries from your Google Reader so you can access them from any device where Evernote is installed. [ Recipe ]
    3. Save your Instagram photos to Evernote. If you use Instagram to take and share your photos with your friends, ifttt will save copies of the pictures to your Evernote account for quick access. [ Recipe ]
    4. Submit your photos from Flickr to Evernote. Send all newly published photos immediately to your Evernote account. [ Recipe ]
    5. Create an archive of your check-ins at Foursquare in Evernote. Keep a history of your movements around the world, recording information about places you recently visited and where you would like to return. [ Recipe ]
    6. Send your favorite tweets to the appropriate Evernote notebook. Each time you add a favorite post on Twitter to Favorites, it can be automatically sent to a separate Evernote notebook. [ Recipe ]

    These are just some of the ifttt examples that make Evernote even more useful. We will be glad if you tell us about your recipes in the comments.

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