IT social advertising

    I’m watching TV the other day, and I see an advertisement there of the following content - Two voices behind the scenes:
    1: Why are you so sad
    2: Yes, all one to one - The laptop burned out, the photos in the camera were erased, the flash drive stopped reading, and there - important contract!
    Well, then - tram-pam-pam - contact us, we will fix it.

    And then I thought - after all, this is just a cure for the consequences. And after all, this treatment does not always lead to satisfactory results. In this case, the most important thing is prevention, namely, backing up data.
    Why not do social backup advertising?Indeed, today, when more and more critical information exists only in electronic form, irresponsibility in approaches to ensuring its safety can have fatal consequences.
    Plots - you don’t even need to invent anything special. Just look around - gouging is almost everywhere.

    Well, for example, such a plot - Plant. Bookkeeping. The character "Student" passes the work to the character "Glavbusya" - now, they say, this is now your new accounting server! Now everything is stored centrally! Against the background, it shows a “regular PC” which is now considered a server, which is not uncommon in reality even for fairly large enterprises. Moreover, the “server” is somewhere at the feet of accountants.
    The next plan - In the evening, the cleaning lady deploys a bucket of water directly to the “server” - sparks, smoke, a server cap. At the bottom of the frame is the text “N hours left before the salary” (let's say right tomorrow).
    The next plan is the Office of the Director. The director sits with his head in his hands, next to the pale Glavbusya, he babbles - “there was all the bookkeeping in time X. We can’t calculate the salary today and calculate the taxes for half a year tomorrow!”
    The next plan is the Director at a spontaneous rally of hungry workers who found out that there will be no salary in the near future, he is trying to justify himself. The plan smoothly turns into another, on which the workers kick the director.
    And such a voiceover - Timely backups will keep you healthy!
    Exaggeratedly, of course, but on the whole the essence reflects correctly. “Victim” can be anything - accounting data, projects for the client, which will be delivered tomorrow; just a person whose propeller flew at home, and there are digital photos over the past 5 years (and not a single printed one).

    You look - people will be more responsible for the safety of information.

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