Where to get capital for budding entrepreneurs

Many IT specialists sooner or later come to the conclusion that working for themselves is more efficient and more profitable than being an employee. Having gained experience in a certain field, I want to apply my knowledge to improve well-being, but the question arises: “where to start?” And “where to get money to start?” As practice shows, few people turn to the state for help, but for a start all means are good and you should use every opportunity!

Good day, dear IT experts who want to start their own business or accidentally reading this post! I will try to briefly cover the topic of the possibility of obtaining various kinds of support from the state.

To start our own business, we need at least some kind of savings, the employment center will help us with this. We find the appropriate institution in our city and region, and in the very near future we get registered (to find a job), for this we need the following documents:

• passport (or a document replacing it);
• education certificate (if you haven’t worked anywhere before);
• a document certifying professional qualifications (with seniority);
• a work book or a document replacing it (with seniority);
• certificate of average earnings (with seniority).

For 10 days, the employment center is looking for a job suitable for you that matches your education, work experience and your requirements. If after this time you are not found a job, and the likelihood of this is extremely small, then you will be recognized as unemployed.

Lyrical digression: I am an economist who received a diploma 2 weeks ago, of course I have no seniority, I specified 20 salary requirements, I think that for the city of Novosibirsk in which I live, these are average requests, but taking into account the absence of seniority finding such a job is not easy, especially as the practice at the employment center has shown that there are not so many vacancies.

After registration, you will have to come to the CH at least 2 more times, for the next job search (in a week) and for recognition as unemployed (in 3 more days). You will be asked to open an account with Sberbank to receive unemployment benefits, but our goal is to get start-up capital, so we won’t go into details on benefits.

As additional measures for the employment of the population, the Central Office offers a program of “promoting the self-employment of unemployed citizens”, which we need! In Novosibirsk, the subsidy is 73,500 rubles, maybe in different cities this figure may vary. To get this money, you need to draw up a business plan and protect it, they will tell you about all the details and conduct "courses" on business. Protection, as a rule, does not cause any difficulties, as IT is clearly not within their area of ​​competence and it is difficult for them to discourage someone who works in the industry. Naturally, it is not necessary to return the money (this question often arises), but it is necessary to fully report on the costs; specialists from the Health Center will tell you in detail about all such points.
The amount may seem insufficient to start an activity, but as a rule it’s enough for small startups, and for the development of your activity, we will turn to the Department for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises for more substantial assistance.

The support measure that interests us is called “Subsidizing a portion of the costs of implementing a business plan for an entrepreneurial project (grants for starting a business of their own)”, in different areas it can be formulated differently. Here you can get up to 300 tr. (for innovative companies up to 500 tr), for this it is necessary to draw up a business plan, but not how to get the first subsidy. Now the emphasis is on a functioning enterprise that has fixed assets and the money needed to expand the business, the more you invest, the more likely it is to receive a subsidy! I am glad that IT is one of the priority areas, so the likelihood of receiving support is an order of magnitude higher than in the case of trade or the service sector (not in IT).

Thus, we get a fairly tangible start-up capital from the state, which will certainly be useful for any startups. I also advise you to consider other support measures from the department, for sure you will find something else useful for yourself, for example, subsidizing part of the cost of renting premises, training staff or participating in exhibitions, fairs, etc.

Good luck in business and your endeavors!

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