Game Industry News Digest: January

    While the developers and manufacturers of consoles are eagerly thinking what else to surprise gamers with, we’ll figure out what happened in the gaming industry in the first month of 2015.


    Referral Zenna Apps Marketing Agency has conducted a study of the Asian mobile market.
    Company Mobio shared data on the best analytical platforms to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in the mobile direction.
    Infographics: the history of mobile games.
    Localytics uploaded a report from VentureBeat “Mobile Application Analytics: What Winning Developers Use” to the network .
    NPD Group conducted a study and found that mobile gamers play an average of 2 hours a day.
    Glu's Nicolo de Masi talked about why the Asian mobile gaming market is now the most promising.
    The portal alistdaily found out why you should not worry about the fate of mobile games.
    20% of gamers only play on mobile devices.
    According to DAU-UP, games on Android have become as profitable as on iOS.

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    John Broomhol and Paul Lipson on sound in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
    The basics of harmony and functionality in music. Google

    News stops selling Google Glass. And they are trying to create something new based on them. Microsoft presented the helmet of augmented reality

    HoloLens and introduced the new Windows 10.
    Killed Andrew Yon , founder of Joystiq. A week later, the portal was closed.
    A streaming service has appeared on Steam . Everything is extremely simple: if one of the friends is playing, just go to his profile and click the “Watch the game” button.
    Mark James Hardisty is working on a book about Gremlin Graphics.
    Nintendo decided to share revenue with gamers.
    Razer announced the release of several new devices.
    In 2015, Anita Sargsyan and Feminist Frequency plan to release several more videos about the gaming industry.
    Players of Plague Inc. raised more than $ 76,000 to fight Ebola.
    Apple acquired Semetric, a music analytics startup.
    At Roskomnadzor, they threatened to block Steam in Russia due to a forum topic.
    At the Sundance Film Festival, Oculus VR (a division of Facebook) unveiled the short film Lost.
    Disney will release the television series The Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything this summer , telling about the difficult life of an esportsman who has to tie up with his amusement.
    The gaming industry in 2014 yielded assets of $ 24 billion .
    The console market in Japan continues to fall.
    Canadian studio Neojac Entertainment Inc.released on Steam the Atavism MMO engine.
    The design of the Steam Controller has been completed , Steam Mashine has undergone changes, and Gabe will tell the main news about Valve developments at the GDC in March. Kabam

    company news was

    swallowed by several other studios - TapZen and Magic Pixel Games from Los Angeles.
    The creator of the mobile Candy Crush Saga leaves King.
    Telltale Games chose a new CEO - they became Kevin Bruner.
    In the USA , Robotoki studio closed , which worked on the shooter Human Element.
    In April, the German company Game Oven ceases to exist .
    The head of game development at Rovio resigned.
    ClosesZombie Studios.
    EA has been named the best publisher of console games.

    Twitter The Elder Scrolls Online

    video game news has

    canceled its subscription, but you still have to pay for the game.
    The new Hitman will be released this year.
    Flappy Birds adapt for arcade machines.
    In WoW, you can now take selfies.
    Star Wars Battlefront will be released in the next couple of months.
    Kotaku told you why you should play Life Is Strange.
    Square Enix are going to announce a new project.
    The developers claim that Need For Speed ​​2015 now looks gorgeous.
    Hashtag Dungeon Gameforms game levels using hashtags on Twitter.
    The portal named the best games of 2014 according to the editors.
    The developers of Batman: Arkham Knight commented on the Ace Chemicals video.

    This is a helpful

    10 tips on how to prepare for a game jam with the Global Game Jam 2015.
    Recommendations for social interaction at the GDC.
    How to teach a car to think?
    The alistdaily portal has collected top Instagram accounts that will be interesting to gamers and representatives of the gaming industry.
    14 tips for making the perfect CV.
    The Dynamic vertex pulling article in Direct3D11 talks abouthow to draw millions of unique objects in Direct3D11 with a minimal overhead on the CPU and the speed as close to D3D12 or AMD Mantle as possible.
    Blitz Research has released Monkey X Studio , a new collection of PL and development environments Jungle IDE, Ignition X and Monkey X Pro.
    The conversion of registration in the game and ways to increase it.
    Artem Phillipov gives advice to young developers who want to assemble a team and create a game.
    Mobile PR: 160 sites where they can write about your game.
    Tag Games Studio has published its ChilliSource game engine. Its sources are available on GitHub.
    Screen space ambient occlusiontaking into account the normals and the calculation of one light reflection.
    64 tips for promoting on Facebook: translation of infographics on the portal
    The portal has collected 11 resources for free education .
    Jared Barol 's article, "Prototyping and Application Design: Details and Tricks."

    This is interesting.

    At, we made a selection of 72 tips for beginning developers from game industry professionals. Here is a lot of useful information for those who want to open their own studio.
    Qantas Airlines buys Samsung Gear VR to entertain passengers.
    Joe Traverso, Lead Project Manager, Activision,analyzed in detail the gameplay of the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
    Barry O'Brien spoke about the difficult profession of a game designer.
    4 simple things that a beginner learns when he gets into the gaming industry.
    5 hot trends in indie games that should be adopted by AAA projects.
    What awaits humanity in the future , according to video games.
    Portal Adweek published an article stating that it is better to spend money on advertising on social networks than to shoot a video for the Super Bowl.
    Ben Serviss, a programmer, game designer and game producer from New York, described the steps in creating a text game on his blog .
    Results of the year from the portal
    A useful article from George Dobrodeev is “Time to buy games.”
    Infographics: the story of Unity. NVIDIA Shield
    Gaming Tablet Review
    Mann, Ivanov and Ferber published a book by David Kouchner, The Lord of the Doom, dedicated to the life of John Carmack and John Romero.
    Project management: what can go wrong when developing a game?
    Players who turn to support more often become depositors.
    Developer Zoe Queen and producer Alex Lifshitz founded Crash Override, a company that will help people who have suffered from online attacks.
    Fiksu in the new infographicshowed the difference in the cost of television and mobile advertising. Smart
    Watch Developer Guide .
    At the GDC 2014 conference, the Innova project manager Iskander Khabibrakhmanov read a report on one of the key mistakes that a developer can make while listening to the opinions of his players. Award nominees from the American Screenwriters Guild
    announced . The award will be held February 14 at the same time in New York and Los Angeles.
    One of Valve's former employees complained in his blog about the terrible working conditions in the company.
    At, experts continue to share their opinions on independent team games: Allods Team studio art directorgave some advice to the Colored Mages project.
    Unity founder David Helgason about the company's strategy, Asset Store and favorite games.
    Will Freeman from the Develop portal, together with the developers, thinks about what awaits the game graphics in the near future.
    Polygon tried to figure out why a small studio bought ads on the American Football Super Cup.
    Cage Chapple conducted a study and showed that female protagonists in games are as popular as men.
    Karolis Mikalauskas talked about how he turned from a computer graphics specialist in films into an indie developer.
    A little about the ad that appears on the American Football Super Cup.
    7 reports worth listening to at the GDC 2015 in March.
    An article appeared on, which, using Steam games as an example, reveals the impact of reviews and player ratings on sales.


    Podcast by Kitchen Riots. Issue 4 - final.
    Technique and Artistry, Issue 16.
    Super Joystiq Podcast 128 : Reviews, Nintendo 3DS, Majora's Mask 3D.


    Harebrained Schemes requested $ 100,000 for the new Shadowrun: Hong Kong. They collected the required amount in the first two hours after the start of the campaign.
    Strafe showed everyone how to make trailers for Kickstarter.
    The game about exploding kittens collected the amount necessary for release in 20 minutes. An hour after the launch of the campaign, the project was funded by 1000%. Despite the fact that the developers asked for only 10 thousand dollars, the bakers threw more than 5.5 million dollars into the piggy bank of the project. There are 10 more days left until the end of the campaign. Fundraising
    continues for Women In Tech.
    Some statistics on Kickstarter and video games in 2014.

    The upcoming

    February 11-13 will be the Kochava Mobile Summit at Sandpoint.
    February 13 - IndieCade East 2015 in New York.
    February 18 in Moscow will host the IT Conference: Cloud in Russia.
    February 19-21 -GAME SPACE in Berlin.
    March 2-5 - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
    March 8 will host the All about women festival in Sydney.
    March 17-19 - Mobile Gaming & Social Casino: Asia in Macau.
    March 20 in St. Petersburg - Piter Py.

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