Scrum Day - konfa high concentration of meanings

    On October 8, the Moscow DI Telegraph will host the Scrum Day 2018 - one of the conferences that organizes around the world. The feature of Scrum Day is that the exact program of the conference is not known in advance and the emphasis is on communication in small groups. Each participant can state their topic and then discuss it with colleagues. Thus, dozens of topical topics are revealed in parallel during the day. Detailed information - under the cut.

    The first part of the conference will feature Cesario Ramos and Illy Pavlichenko, certified trainers and LeSS. Then before lunch at 13:00 there will be several reports on the introduction of scram in different companies. The format of the presentations will also not be similar to what you see at regular conferences. We borrowed it from Japan (it seems to me that in this part of the world there is generally the highest concentration of all kinds of unusual things in the world). Each speaker will be given only 6 minutes and 40 seconds in order to convey the meaning of his report to the audience. The dynamics are very high, the whole presentation is divided into 20 slides, which automatically switch after 20 seconds. The speaker does not have the ability to delay or speed up the switching. All questions remain for the lobbies and personal communication in Open Space!

    At 14:00 the intensity will reach a new level - the conference will switch to the Open Space format. We will divide the whole site into several zones, in each of which a parallel discussion will take place on current Scrum topics. The results of each discussion are written out on a flipchart, pictures of all flipcharts are sent to the participants of the conference.

    Scrum Day schedule:

    8: 30–9: 30. Registration

    9: 30–10: 00. Warm up

    10: 00-10: 10. Greeting, Kirill Menshov

    10: 10–10: 50. Spirit of Scrum (Cesario Ramos)

    10: 50–11: 10. Coffee break

    11: 10–11: 40. Victories, defeats and lessons in implementing LeSS at MTS Kassa, ManyChat, Bank X (Ilya Pavlichenko)

    11: 40–12: 00. Coffee break

    12: 00–13: 00. Short reports.

    • Communities of Practice in Rostelecom (Oleg Egorkin),
    • Scrum reveals shame (Denis Tuchin)
    • Mistakes LeSS in Leroy Merlin (Ignat Markin)
    • Fasipulation - manipulation instead of facilitation (Elena Litvinova)
    • The use of tools for cognitive-behavioral therapy in Skram (Sergey Makarkin)
    • Scrum-transformation in Promsvyazbank and coordination techniques between teams (Andrey Shumakov)

    13: 00-14: 00. LUNCH

    14: 00–14: 30. Open Space launch

    14: 30–15: 30. Discussion slot # 1.

    • How not to develop products (Dmitry Emelyanov)
    • Why Scrum is impossible without an engineer (Andrey Tolmachyov)
    • Scrum-way from the middle level in a large company. Errors, experiments and lessons (Pavel Onokhin)

    15: 30–16: 30. Discussion slot # 2.

    • History of construction of the Central Ring Road (Vadim Ovechkin)
    • Seven anti-patterns of application of Scrum (Mark Kachanov)
    • Kanban metrics for scram teams (Alexey Pikulev)

    16: 30–17: 30. Discussion slot # 3.

    • How does Agile arise in CFT (Daria Akhmerova)
    • The farther into LeSS, the more firewood (Sergey Gospodchikov)
    • Why retrospectives do not work (Evgeniya Kuznetsova)
    • Do's & Don'ts of Pair Programming (Anton Bevzyuk)

    17: 30-18: 00. Closing of the conference.

    Unfortunately, the registration for the event is already closed, all 400 seats dispersed unexpectedly quickly. But we will make a record of the reports of the first part of the conference and will conduct an online broadcast via Youtube.

    You can watch the broadcast below.

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