Send a message to any Facebook user for free

    On the hub there was news that Facebook could deliver a message to a stranger for $ 1 (if this, of course, is not Zuckerberg ). Today came across a way to send a message to a stranger for free.

    To do this, you need to complain to the user’s page and Facebook will deliver your message to the inbox.

    1) Go to the user’s page and select “Report / block” (in the Russian interface “Report / Block”)

    2) Select “Submit a report” / “Report XYZ's account” (“Send a complaint” / “Report an account” XYZ ")

    3) Select" This timeline is using a fake name "(" The fake name is specified in the chronicle ")

    4) Next, “Ask XYZ to change their name” (“Ask XYZ to change the name”) and enter any message.

    I think Facebook will quickly fix it, but for now it works. I checked on several accounts - the message ended up in the Inbox, and not in the Other.

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