Service for determining the name of a subscriber by phone number

    For the entire time I used telephony (landline or mobile, it doesn’t matter), one thing depressed me - the inability to find out the name of the subscriber if he was not in your phone book. Even if you have activated the Caller ID service, then only the phone number is determined, but not the name.

    To solve this problem, I made a proof-of-concept service that maps the phone number to the name of the subscriber. This way you can understand who is calling you and then decide whether to pick up the phone or not.

    Scenarios for using such a service
    • you are waiting for a call from the organization (hospital, online store, etc.), without knowing their phone number
    • checking the correctness of the entered data in the form of data on the site: check the correspondence of the entered name and phone number
    • integration with smartphones: the caller will automatically determine the name of the subscriber through the service if he does not find this number in the phone book. So that you can understand this, the person you are familiar with is calling, whose number you have not written down, or an outsider.
    • use of the subscriber’s name in various reports together or in conjunction with a phone number (analogy - IP address and DNS name, few people remember IP addresses, everyone uses DNS site names)

    A little about the service
    A simple REST API is implemented, which, in response to the phone number contained in the request, tries to determine the name of the subscriber. Now it works in a limited mode and resolves far from all numbers, but this is enough for a test mode.
    Examples of requests can be seen on the site itself (when the page is refreshed, new examples are displayed). For example:

    $ curl
    Kaspersky Lab Do

    you think the service will be popular? Will the use cases described above be in demand?

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