Programming Tutorial for Kids

    Now in Russian there is no actual textbook on programming for children (correct, if not right). Therefore, I decided to write it and put it in the public domain.
    Initially, the idea came up to teach a 12-year-old child something on a computer.
    - Is programming interesting?
    - Yes, I want to make games.
    Well, I think we need to find a book, hand it in and a hat. But I didn’t find anything. All that is too complicated and boring for a student. It turns out that there is a lot of information on training, but the "entry threshold" is high, which can only be overcome by learning personally in courses. Okay, I showed how to program a simple tennis, I saw that there is interest. And he decided to give lessons, and along the way write a programming textbook for school children.

    The idea of ​​the textbook is as follows:
    - JavaScript, which does not require installation and has simple visualization capabilities
    - the practice of mini-games as an example
    - a simple, accessible explanation of programming fundamentals
    - a minimum of theory (OOP, libraries, drawing algorithms, etc. is too early)
    - version for download ( Google-dock)
    - give information on where to move on

    . Currently there are 3 parts: Basics (JS, HTML and CSS), Convenience (Functions, Arrays, removal to separate files) and Design. Only 1 part has been published, but I already need a feedback. Actually, due to the need for feedback, the textbook is published as a blog, with the possibility of commenting.

    I ask for constructive criticism. If possible, show the textbook to familiar students. You also need links to spectacular projects related to robotics and programming (like ).

    The tutorial is here:

    Also popular now: