DIY turntable for 3D scanning and photo-360 shooting

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I got a new version of the “PhotoPizza” rotary platform and I made a video for it demonstrating the assembly process, which I wanted to share.

For those who are not familiar with the project

PhotoPizza is an open project of a rotary object table for photographing objects from all sides (3D-photo-360, spin-photo). The platform control unit is based on Arduino .
You can assemble this device yourself from the available components, using detailed instructions, and you will not need deep knowledge in electronics.
Official page of the project The

new platform is made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and weighs only 5 kg while it can withstand loads of up to 40 kg.
For lifting capacities of up to 100 kg, the platform must be assembled from acrylic.

Advantages and disadvantages of using PVC material

It is a very light material and is suitable for turntables with a small carrying capacity (30-50 kg), the carrying capacity depends on the uniform distribution of the mass of the photographed object along the plane of the rotating disk. If you distribute the weight correctly, you can put an object weighing 60-70 kg. Due to its light weight, the platform is convenient to use for outdoor photography, even taking into account transportation by public transport. White material makes it easy to shoot objects on a white background, but I do not recommend using a standard disc on any platform for streaming. The disk wears out, gets dirty and therefore, it is necessary to put an additional circle of paper on top, and preferably of thin, matte plastic, with a thickness of approximately 0.7 mm. Unlike acrylic, PVC material is much softer and can be pressed through after applying a point load,

New clamping system design made simpler and more efficient

Also, the new design provides for the possibility of assembly with the fixation of the upper disk.

And here is the platform build process

Platform features

In this non-transparent version of the platform, the upper disk is fixed rigidly and can not be removed without unscrewing the nut of the central axis
Material - PVC 10 mm
Nominal load capacity - 30 kg
Maximum load capacity - 40 kg
Can rotate a person weighing up to 75 kg , but operation at such a load Not recommended.
Circle diameter - 480 mm.
Suitable for 3D photogrammetric scanning of objects. This is a way to build a 3D model based on the analysis of a sequence of frames with different angles.
Possible shooting speed - 100 frames in 15 seconds.
Adjustable rotation parameters -acceleration, rotation speed, endless rotation, rotation by a certain number of steps, 4 customizable programs
Remote control of the IR remote control and buttons on the bottom of the screen
Autonomous operation possible

Use as a suspension system:
Rated load capacity - 5 kg
Maximum load capacity - 10 kg

Weight and physical size:
Weight a complete set - 5 kg
Height - Depends on the height of the engine, 70-90 mm It is
long, from the engine side - 565 mm
Width - 524 mm
Diameter of a rotating disk - 480 mm

Files to download

Files for cutting material
2 files, for transparent and opaque plastic, differ by a window for display in the control unit.
Files are presented in * .cdr and * .eps formats.

File for Arduino firmware.
The next firmware version will support the camera shutter control via infrared or wire.

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