Mobify - Service for mobile publishing

    Mobify - Service for mobile publishing
    Mobile access to the web is growing at a fantastic pace - about 20% per month. More and more consumers buy smartphones and go to their favorite sites - social networks, news resources and blogs. The problem is that if the site is not optimized for mobile access, the user will not be satisfied and may not come back to you. Even browsers such as Opera Mini / Safari cannot significantly bring the site’s interface to such convenient mobile portals as or . Website optimization for mobile screens should be the prerogative of a web designer.

    What to do? You can create a separate mobile site such as .mobi - this negatively affects SEO and often does not justify the time costs. You can ask your developer to write (and maintain) a module for mobile rendering, which again is quite time-consuming. You can make a simple page for reading rss feeds, but now this is not enough - you need a search, you need comments, you need many of the functions that exist in the full version of your site.

    I want to introduce Mobify - a service for creating “mobile projections” - lightweight versions of existing sites. With Mobify, any web designer can quickly place a mobile version of his project on the same domain (, without having to download or install anything.

    How Mobify works -

    1. Open your website in our web application at
    2. Click on the blocks that should be visible to mobile users. Repeat the process for 2-3 basic patterns.
    3. Adjust your CSS to make it look beautiful. All CSS classes remain unchanged.

    That's all - now it remains to specify the DNS CNAME pointer => and put JavaScript to detect mobile phones in your main site. You have a fully functional mobile version - working 10-100 times faster, recognizing thousands of different phones and automatically synchronizing with the source site. Mobify supports sessions, cookies, and POST / GET requests.

    Examples of sites using Mobify:

    The project is being developed in Vancouver by an international team based on django, GAE, EC2. We launched Mobify recently - I would like to hear your feedback before TechCrunch and others like us write about us!

    Thank you for your attention,

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