Interesting in the .Net hub for 2014

    We are working people and often do not notice anything that happens outside of our work. So I, working every day, know only about my SpecFlow and related issues. But nothing - around. With this post I want to fill in the news gaps in the field of .Net .Net

    hub news on the Habr occupy 33 pages or 328 posts. Which means that news appears almost every day =) Let's look at the most interesting of them (in my humble opinion). Well, look under the cat: before the cat, of course, not all.

    A new JIT is available: now with SIMD support.
    How decompilation works in .Net or Java using .Net as an example
    Microsoft disclosed the source code of the C #
    Consulo compiler: ~ 1000 commits, or how autumn went
    under Stopwatch's hood
    How to test finalizer code (c #). Afterword: the test still crashed.
    Getting a pointer to the .Net object
    . Stack implementation details - part one
    . Stack implementation details - part two.
    Fody and its plugins.
    Parsing mail addresses from a string in C #
    iOS vs WPF - complex versus
    small ones. Improving performance: boxing in .NET , which can be avoided
    dot42 project is switching to a new format (C # 2 Java)
    Introduction to XWT
    Xamarin 3
    String.Intern Announced Makes Strings More Interesting
    Error Message Window for WinForms and WPF Applications
    Bot for DirectX Arcade. Part number 1: make contact
    Bot for the arcade. Part number 2: we connect OpenCV
    Some subtleties of GetHashCode
    Cotfuscation of executable .net code
    Improving performance: useful tips and tricks in .NET
    SynchronizationContext - when MSDN fails
    Improving LINQ for working with IReadOnly collections
    These entertaining regional settings
    We write under TSD. Connecting a barcode scanner as a component of the
    UDP and C # async / await form.
    We write a Skype bot in C # with a modular architecture.
    Advanced processor instructions in .NET or “C # Intrinsics”.
    NemerleWeb - Unique web framework.
    How I stopped being afraid and loved Windows 10
    Changing the code of system assemblies or "leak" .Net Framework 5.0
    UDP and C # Reactive Extensions

    Thread safe events in C # or John Skeet vs. Jeffrey Richter
    Changing ConcurrentDictionary while iterating through
    ASP.NET vNext Likbez
    How ConcurrentBag works in .Net
    Write clean code with Reactive Extensions
    Microsoft opens .NET source code and makes it cross-platform (translation)
    . NET Framework coming soon Open Source and on * nix
    When is a string not a string?
    We write and launch ASP.NET vNext applications on a Mac
    Let's talk about the differences between Mono and MS.NET
    Protecting .net applications from prying eyes
    Preparing for the Microsoft certification exam 70-483 “Programming in C #”
    Roslyn to automatically translate C # code into 1C code
    .NET / Mono in Java? Easy!
    There is no flow.
    Introduction to the .NET Core (Translation)
    Concurrency Structure in .net. ConcurrentQueue from within the
    Concurrency structure in .net. ConcurrentDictionary from the inside
    Inheriting the .NET type from a JavaScript object with overloads and
    C # private methods : Internal structure of array initializers
    Yet another AOP in .NET

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