Save on the Internet in a small office

We have a small office, which we rent in Samara. For the work of 10 people, you need Internet at least 20 Mbps. We turned to local communication providers - MegaFon, Er-Telecom and MTS, to provide us with their tariffs and connection costs. As a result, MTS and MegaFon asked for about 10,000 rubles. installation payment and 14,000 rubles. per month the subscription fee, MTS is about the same, Er-Telecom was more modest - 2000 rubles installation fee and 7000 rubles per month. At the same time, in our city for individuals, the Internet at a speed of 100 Mbps costs about 700 rubles. per month.

So big a gap in the price tag for individuals and legal entities among providers caused us a brain rupture and we began to look for the most economical way. None of the providers wanted to connect us in non-residential premises at tariffs for individuals. Fortunately, in direct line of sight from us are ordinary houses where people enjoy the benefits of civilization for 700 rubles at 100 Mbps. The distance for the nearest house is about 800-1000 meters.

We decided to use a radio bridge based on the Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 access point, which cost us about 9000 rubles. for a couple (at the old rate). We agreed with one of the residents of the house (friend) that the provider will lead another cable to him, and we will place an injector for the antenna with him. An agreement with the provider was drawn up for one of our employees and we chose a tariff for 700 rubles. They decided to place the antenna on the roof of the house, the cable to the antenna from the apartment to the roof 40 meters long was laid for an additional fee of 1000 rubles to us by the same installers that came from the provider. The second antenna was placed on the roof of our office.

There are a lot of detailed setup instructions, so I won’t describe them. The only thing you need is to disable airmax compacity, select the country USA, channel width 40 Mhz, and the PPPoE connection is better to establish from the router (if you use NanoStation as a router, the connection speed is low). It is also desirable to conduct a frequency scan and select the most free channel. Make the network hidden and not associate the name with your organization, so that Roskomnadzor does not come to you on the third day of work.

This design has been working with us for about a year. In any weather. Speed ​​according to speedtest is about 90 Mbps. The savings for the year amounted to about 50,000 rubles, and if you count MegaFon tariffs, then all 150,000 rubles.

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