Skype for Android does not work! How did I deal with this?

By virtue of my profession, I constantly communicate with clients. More than 50% of my clients prefer to communicate via Skype (to my great regret).

Skype for Windows works more or less normally. But recently, I had a need to leave my computer during working hours. And then I decided to stay in touch with clients by installing the official Skype app for Android. (I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini).

Some time after installation, I began to notice that Skype for Android was somehow not working normally.

Then I decided to do an experiment.


I turned off my computer and left Skype working only on the phone. After that, I asked my friend to add to my contact list.

A friend was added, but no message on Android about this appeared! I waited 10 minutes, no notifications from Skype on Android never arrived. Then I restarted Skype, and the notification appeared only after the restart!

I added my friend to the contact list and asked me to send me messages. The same problems arose with message delivery: messages were normally delivered only after restarting Skype. (not always, but often enough, especially if you do not have a dialogue for some time).

The experiment was reproducible. Conclusion from the experiment: skype on my android-phone does not fulfill its basic functions and is not suitable for work.

What to do?

  • The first thought that visited me was to find an alternative client for Skype. Unfortunately, it turned out that there were no alternative clients for Skype (Microsoft decided so)
  • Then I went to look for a solution to the problem in google, and then I got to the official Skype site, where a huge number of Android owners wrote about similar problems . It turned out that such a problem has existed for a long time, Microsoft employees even successfully reproduce it themselves, but at the same time Microsoft has no fix for this! (apparently they are promoting windows phone like this)
  • Then I felt completely sad and I decided to try out my Skype on iPad. There are similar problems!

At that moment, I realized that Skype on Android DOES NOT WORK for me. And there is no way to fix it.

Then I faced 3 alternatives:

  1. All the time to sit at your computer because of the Skype program and not leave it anywhere.
  2. Buy Windows Phone. I assume (did not experience) that Skype works fine there.
  3. Find a workaround so that you could quickly stay in touch even though Skype for Android is not working.

I decided to choose option 3 and find a workaround.

My crutch is the solution to the problem

  • I wrote a very simple Java program for my Windows computer.
  • When I leave my workplace, I leave the program to work, and it sends me an email via Gmail every time someone writes me on Skype.
  • I get a notification about the letter to my android phone, I immediately launch my laptop and communicate with the client through the laptop. (because Skype for Android, among other things, is not convenient and, for example, does not allow copying parts of messages sent to me to the clipboard)

The source code of the program is available here .

The finished program can be downloaded here (before starting, change the settings for your system).

The principle of the program is very simple:

  • every minute the program takes a screenshot of the windows-screen
  • after that, the color of the pixel specified in the settings corresponding to the white “tick” in the middle of the Skype icon from the tray bar is taken from the screenshot
  • if the color is not white: this means that in the middle of the icon an orange notification of a new message appeared, in this case an email is sent to my gmail

The solution is not very elegant, but I haven’t found and invented anything better yet.

If you have information or ideas on how to make Skype for Android work, PLEASE share this with me and I will include this in this post.

For the future: I'm going to buy a phone on windows 10, where skype will definitely work fine. In addition, there is absolutely no respect for Microsoft anymore. It is a pity that Skype fell "under their wing."

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