IFEST festival will be held in Nizhny Novgorod

    On October 13, the largest IT festival in the Volga region will be held in the Ankudinovka technopark in Nizhny Novgorod. On the eve of the festival on October 12, the hackathon on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence will be held. The event will bring together leading international IT / IB market experts, programmers, developers, as well as technology, product and outsourcing IT companies at one site.

    Festival activities:

    • Mitapas on BigData, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, (AR / VR) and Blockchain.
    • Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence hackathons with prizes for participants.
    • [DevGarage] - sections and workshops.
    • [Live Music] - rock concert.


    “What you need to know about corporate Bug Bounty”

    Vladimir Dubrovin, Mail.Ru Group

    “BugBounty - making money from the mistakes of others: the experience of identifying vulnerabilities in major Russian and foreign companies”
    Luka Safonov, Jet Infosystems

    “Blockchain and the Future. How technology is changing the business sectors and different areas of our life. ”
    Grigory Slynko, evangelist of the blockchain technology

    “ Big Data. Graph databases: to be or not to be? ”
    Ilya Moshkov, EPAM

    “ Mobile VR: from idea to release ”
    Alexander Korshak, MERA

    “ Apache Ignite as an alternative to Hadoop as a Big Data platform for remote data collection and analysis of wearable device sensors on example of Holter ECG apparatus ”
    Oleg Dyrdin, Auriga

    “Video analysis with Intel OpenVINO”
    Evgeny Talanin, Intel

    “Software Development 2.0 - problems and trends”
    Vladimir Krylov, Tekom, HSE

    “Applied machine learning in e-commerce - scripts and architecture of pilots and combat projects”
    Alexander Serbul, 1C-Bitrix

    “ Artificial Intelligence vs Signature Analysis When Detecting Attacks on a Web Application ”
    Roman Romanov, Pentestit

    “ New Technologies Used in Designing Automotive Information and Entertainment Systems ”
    Roman Leikin, Harman Connected Services

    “ Big Data. Modern cloud ETL »
    Evgeny Nikiforov, EPAM


    React Native. We will develop in 1.5 hours a full-fledged application for iOS and Android

    DevGarage on cybersecurity. Hackathon Totals

    Using Deep Learning Networks with OpenCV


    Hackathon from Positive Technologies
    For a day, the hackathon participating teams need to write a program in the chosen Python TK in which our hackers will look for vulnerabilities.
    The prize fund is 150,000 rubles.

    Artificial Intelligence iFest 2018
    Task 1: “Recognizing the sound of a shot”
    Task 2: “Predicting the movement of residents”
    Task 3: “Forming a 3D model of a human face using one image”
    Task 4: “Predicting the behavior of citizens online”
    Prizes for the winners from HARMAN (JBL equipment ) and Intel (2 laptops).

    Become a member of iFest 2018

    October 12 - the beginning [hackathon], October 13 - the festival. Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Technopark "Ankudinovka", st. Academician Sakharov, 4. Participation in the festival is free, registration is required. Registration form .

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