The digest of interesting news and materials from the world of PHP No. 52 (November 16 - 30, 2014)

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    News and Releases


    • RFC: PHP 7.0 timeline - Release plan for PHP 7 approved by vote. So, in the middle of next year it is planned to complete the development of new features, and in October 2015 the PHP 7 release itself is expected. An alternative plan with the release of the intermediate version 5.7 was also considered.
    • RFC: Remove PHP 4 Constructors - A proposal to remove support for constructors in the style of PHP 4, that is, functions with the class name.
    • RFC: Static classes - It is proposed to add the ability to describe static classes.
    • The RFC: the Unicode codepoint the Escape Syntax - The proposal to add the ability to set Unicode characters in code: echo "\u{202E}Reversed text";.


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