Google Analytics: User Id and Multi-Channel Funnels

    There is a lot of talk about GA - User Id chips and multi-channel sequence. I decided to check how they work together.

    Take the following situation as an example: a user sitting at work comes to you with contextual advertising, selects products in your online store, adds them to the basket, signs up to pay ... and for some reason does not. However, having come home, he consults with his wife and decides to buy it all the same, which he does with success (but already from the home computer).

    In this case, we, of course, must use user Id, so that Google can somehow connect them.

    Will contextual advertising eventually appear in a multi-channel sequence? Looks like no.

    I conducted a simple experiment:

    I made a visit from one source (cid and uid are highlighted):


    Further from another device:


    In the second visit, I conducted a transaction:


    Next I created sources for a multi-channel sequence


    And, unfortunately, I got the following picture:


    There is no browser41 source with an associated conversion in the multi-channel sequence.
    I hope that Google will soon finalize this point and we will be able to track multi-channel sequences from different devices.

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