As a programmer went to success

Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with hands in pockets.
Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets.


Good day, dear Khabrovites. It's no secret that a huge number of people in our country want to have their own business, they want to say: "I have my own business, and this is the best job for me." Is it not a success - to work for yourself and get much more than working hard "for your uncle", in addition to this, also do your favorite thing.

IT people are no exception and also dream of this thought. As it turned out, I am one of many who set themselves the goal of organizing their business and achieve success in it. Since most people reading the Habr are somehow connected with the IT industry, I think many will like this publication, which describes the change in thinking, as well as the actions of the average programmer to achieve the cherished goal - organizing your own startup.

Maybe for someone this will be the starting point in his bright future for a startup. Are you ready? Then welcome to cat.

My name is Mikhail, I’m 25 years old, I work in a rather large IT company by Russian standards as a software designer in St. Petersburg. I came to it while still a student of the corresponding specialty, simply from the fact that it was necessary to start somehow making money. I knew how to program only in SI, which is probably why I got into a project that is developing protocols for network and data link layers.

I would never have thought that I would become a programmer, but this is a completely different story. After successfully graduating from the institute, various thoughts about the future began to flattery. It seems to work in a large company, like a stable salary, career prospects and so on. It would seem that for most people I have not gotten so bad. But at the same time, I have been doing things from one area for two years, namely, I write low-level things in SI, to some extent I begin to see my ceiling, above which I can’t jump.

I do not consider myself a bad programmer or a bad employee, but I do this to the extent that. This brings money in the end, everything rests on them. I don’t feel disgusted to write the code 40 hours a week, moments I come across interesting things that I really like to implement, plus working with interesting people not only from our country. At the same time, I understand that it’s all to some extent monotonous, boring, in two words - “not mine”. And now the thought of my own business, business, takes hold of me, it does not matter what word to call it, only the essence is important. Those who watched the movie “Inception” will understand: “What is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient. Highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed, fully understood, that sticks. Right in there somewhere. " From this moment begins my path to success, a long, thorny one, which has not yet passed to the end.

So there is an idea. The idea is to make something of your own so that it generates income, but there is no idea how to implement it. Paradox. Unexpectedly for me, my institute friends received a proposal to organize a service for finding rental housing without intermediaries. There are three of us, me and two of my comrades, who are also programmers. It seems that everything looks promising, there is such a problem on the market, you need to try to solve it, while making money on it. Peter, meet us, we go.

Encouraged by the idea, we meet in a cafe, vigorously discuss logic, a strategic approach, diverge and begin to dig the information necessary for implementation. As you might have guessed, this gizmo was supposed to be implemented as an Internet resource. Time passes, we study everything, draw beautiful tablets, diagrams and the like. After a month and a half, the enthusiasm died down, and we did not write a single line of code, and in fact, the business logic invented was ridiculous, or maybe it was not invented at all ... Roughly speaking, our trio burned out and we again plunged into the routine of everyday life.

Two weeks passed, everything completely abated, the three of us even stopped recalling the theme of our joint project. But the idea is a parasite, it sits in my head and does not give rest. I’m trying to somehow rock the guys, let’s say, people are not stupid, we will continue to try to write something and get money from this. In response to this, there is a proposal to write an application for the android platform - from a person for whom the java language is specialized. One of our trinity web programmers, a married man with a child, works, feeds the family with all the consequences, i.e. It has almost no free time and, as a result, refuses to participate in this. I see this as an opportunity to get to know java. A fairly fashionable language, it will come in handy in the future, I think, maybe it will also bring income on the side of the main job. Again it looks rosy

We decided to create an application, something like a personal assistant to optimize working time. Time management, in general. There were similar things on Google Play, but the belief that we will find our users or do everything much better than our competitors did not leave us.

It is time to meet my partner and friend. His name is Vladislav, and then this person will often appear in the article, for to this day we work together.

Vlad became my java mentor. Winter days passed one by one in a monotonous style. First, eight hours of work, then a short home rest, then either technical reading or coding of our application until late at night. So it was two or three months. As before, at the beginning of the project a lot of time was given, then everything is less, less and less. One of us began to disappear on the mid in the guise of one of the Dota2 heroes, the other just had fun and walked, in other words, we both began to gradually score on the project. Why? Estimate yourself: here you are sitting, puffing and puffing, you believe that you must create a really cool thing, but in practice nothing comes of it. More precisely, it turns out that it turns out to be extremely small in order for it to generate income. Experienced android-programmers, what we write for two months, can write in two hours with their eyes closed. Sadness, sadness, pain, the truth of life, which makes you give up everything. But this is only the technical side of the aspect, but there are also taxes, opening a company, promotion, advertising and so on. As a result, we come to the conclusion that if we continue to implement this project on our own, then perhaps by the age of 30 we will achieve the desired result. At the same time, the probability of this success tends to zero.

Realizing that nothing could be squeezed out of the application, Vlad and I switched to various new projects: thematic sites that helped find the best option for relaxing within the region, organized publicity on social networks with the subsequent attraction of users to the target site. There were a lot of things from spring to mid-summer 2014. They tried to do everything together, write themselves, and promote themselves. In general, we stayed with a mustache. A huge amount of time is swelled, and feedback is zero. And here, not without the help of older and more experienced people, it finally dawned on us that all we want to do is do business in its purest form, we need to turn our eyes to the other side and use our completely different approaches to realize our ideas.

Having plunged into the materials of business youth and other similar resources, the formation of an idea about lifting your own business from scratch began. Vladislav and I are optimistic people, having decided that we will not only extend IT projects, we have chosen a new project for ourselves in a topic completely far from computers. We created, as usual, a new folder in google docs - and away we go.

It turns out that in Russia there are many sources of informational assistance to you and your idea. Many held people are ready to help you for free, simply because they like it. The main thing is to find such people, and he who seeks will always find. After talking with this kind of person, I signed up for entrepreneurship courses that began in August, the organizer was the local Ministry of Education, the curriculum was completely free, and its course was designed for 3 weeks. It is strange, of course, but we understand that the state is not against us helping in the implementation of our idea, it’s nice.

New problems arise, namely, that there is only 24 hours in a day. During this time, you need to sleep, work 8 hours, listen to materials from business trainers - it is also 8 hours, the road to work, from work, to school and vice versa, you need at least five more minutes to fool around in order to take a break and take a breath , so also a business plan must be written, otherwise nothing. In addition to everything, because of the foreign policy of Russia, my company closes. You need to earn money, in no case should you remain without work. I’m not local in St. Petersburg, a rented apartment will not pay for itself ... An interesting offer comes from friends from another fairly large company to participate in a startup. Everything looks extremely attractive - a new programming language, new technologists, a new company, and they did not offend with ZP. I accept the conditions, having previously agreed that the first three weeks I will work exclusively after 5 pm, explaining this by family circumstances. People come to meet me, from Monday I leave for a new job, on the same day studies begin on business.

So, sleep now has the lowest priority for me, and you and I know that tasks with this priority can take a long time to process. As a result, I transferred the compilation of the business plan to Vlads outsourcing in order to have at least some time for sleep. My usual day in August is getting up at 7, after 15 minutes I leave for work, at 9 a meeting with a start-up team, by 10 I am already sitting in a classroom in the other end of the big city, at 18.00 I am back at work, until 19 hours I will transfer I own the information received during the day so that he can work with the power supply, I’m at work until 1.00-2.00, then I go home, at 3.00 I see my pillow, which I so dream about during the day. If you sleep less than 4 hours, the brain is simply not able to process the necessary information during the day, in other words, you seem to exist, but your brain is in the “off” state.

Studying was successful, at work the project moved off the ground, autumn came. Behind me is the acquired knowledge that helps me and my partner look for investments for the implementation of our own project. We are already close to concluding the first and, probably, the most important agreement in our life. I didn’t quit my job, I’m doing everything quite well, our startup has gained quite good momentum.

What conclusion can be drawn from my story? Always go to your goal! It doesn’t matter, in a day, week, year - everything will work out, if you believe in it, and most importantly - take actions to achieve a result. You need to find a person or people who, like you, are burning with an idea, to find that team, thanks to which you can even roll mountains (Vlad, hello). Your success is very close to you, it remains only to reach it. The main thing is to act, then everything will surely work out. Today I woke up with the only thought that I want to write an article, I never did this, but I immediately realized that I would succeed.

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