Failure to create a new calendar event through Kerio Connect client using Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers

    Hello everybody!

    The other day, one of our users found an unpleasant problem when creating a new event in the calendar of our Kerio Connect web client, in the current version of Kerio Connect 8.3.
    An attempt to create an event was carried out through Google Chrome or Apple Safari browsers based on Windows Vista and newer, with the KB 2998527 update installed .
    As a result, the browser tab with the open client "hung", the amount of RAM consumed by this tab was constantly growing, which forced the user to restart the browser or tab.

    As a result of the studies, the following was discovered:

    1) When trying to create an event, a java script executed on the server side receives incorrect data about the system time from the browser itself

    2) This behavior is related to the internal malfunction of the Chrome engine itself, for which the malfunction is registered , apparently the same song with Safari.

    3) A workaround is possible so far in the form of changing the time zone from GMT + 0300 (RTZ 2) to GMT +4 Have a good

    winter time for everyone. :)

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